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Ratings and reviews impact how search engines and customers make decisions about businesses every day. Local SEOPRO Reviews allows you to monitor and respond to reviews across the Local Knowledge Network, so you can continue the conversation and uncover new opportunities to improve your operations and win more business. Local SEOPRO Reviews also helps you generate authentic, first-party reviews directly from your customers, which can help you stand out in today’s new search experiences.

Why use Reviews:

  • Review Monitoring leverages our direct integration with sites across the Local Knowledge Network to pull all your reviews, from every location, into a single dashboard so you can stay informed at scale.
  • Get alerted the moment our platform detects a new review. Set up notifications to come in as you get reviews, or on a cadence that works with your schedule.
  • Easily respond to reviews directly from your dashboard or click out to the page where a review lives to address negative feedback and acknowledge happy customers.
  • Ask your customers to leave you reviews. With Review Generation, it is quite easy to send requests, and collect first-party reviews, which can be added to your website to help drive more business.

 How to use reviews:

  • Monitor and respond to reviews:
    1. Click Review Insights in the main navigation.
    2. Click on the Monitoring or Response sub-tab along the top and click Respond for the desired review. To learn more, see Review Response.
  • Set Up Review Email Notifications:
    1. Click My Notifications in the main navigation.
    2. Click Create New Notification and select Reviews. See Create Reviews email notifications accordingly.
  • Generate First Party Reviews:
    1. Click Review Insights in the main navigation.
    2. Click on the Generation sub-tab along the top and click Send Invitations.

How to get Local SEOPRO Reviews:
The entire Review tool suite is available as part of the Ultimate plan and the Review Response is also available as a product add-on to our other plans. If you are interested in adding Review Response to your current plan, please click Change My Plan and request the add-on.

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