Frustrated customers and flailing search results

Frustrated customers and flailing search results are bad for business

Incorrect information isn’t good for business. Wrong or outdated addresses, phone numbers, prices, or hours can point customers in the wrong direction and make them frustrated. Many times, customers will lose faith in you as a business if you can’t properly update your information. Not only are you frustrating the customer with bad business listings, you can hurt your local search rankings.

Maintaining correct business information

With Local SEOPRO you take control of your business listings. Our easy-to-use dashboard can update and manage your listings across the industry’s largest network of search engines, voice assistants, apps, maps, social networks, and more. Be found on the web and perform better! Allow your customers to find you and receive the right information whichever way they are searching for you, including through voice search.

Keep Your Online Business Information Correct
Take Control of Your Business Information Online

Being in control of your brand’s digital knowledge

Manually updating your listings is time consuming and tedious. Local SEOPRO can help you update your listings fast across the platforms and networks in real time, which guarantees your listings are accurate everywhere you can be found on the web.

Local SEOPRO works to protect your data and listings as well by monitoring your listings so no unauthorized edits or changes can be made without your permission.

Within the Local SEOPRO platform, you can also take your listings to the next level for you to achieve more. You can add call-to-actions, promotional links, coupons, specials, announcements, special content and more which will drive traffic back to your business.

Remember, your business information can be found all over the web (even places you may not realize), and our system can make sure the information is accurate everywhere.

Local SEOPRO will help keep your online information accurate, up-to-date and complete no matter where and how people search for you, including voice search.

Listing management is an ongoing process

Things happen and times change, which is why you need to have your listings continuously monitored.  Changes from third-party sources can occur, which can be inaccurate. Online information can be changed as often as 61 times a year for a small business –that’s a lot of chances for wrong information to pop up.

Local SEOPRO can confirm your business information and take control of new listings as soon as they are live. This system also gives you access to online reporting to see how your listings are driving engagement.

Our system’s capabilities will make you stand out from the competition through menus, videos, photos, etc., and turn your listings into marketing opportunities through coupons, sales, discounts, and other promotions.

Listings Management is Ongoing

Expand your digital foundation with Local SEOPRO listing management

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