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When starting and running a business, it can be easy to forget to market that business, especially Small Business SEO. However, in today’s world, it’s essential that your business is online and ranks well for people to find you. With Local SEOPRO, digital marketing can be handled quickly and more easily than ever before. This multi-facet SEO platform will provide any sized business the best Local SEO solution on the market.

With the Local SEOPRO platform, you, a small business owner, can be in control of the public facts out there about your business. In this platform, you can store and manage all the facts of your business, so that you can create a solid online presence that will lead people to your business whether your business is solely online or is both on and offline.

Small Business SEO

Your information will be stored in our platform and synced to Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Facebook, and many other third-party apps, maps, and voice assistants in the Local SEOPRO database.

You know longer need worry about incorrect information about your business online. With just a few clicks you can fix your information and business listings across the board – wherever your info is found online.

With our platform, you can claim a listing you may didn’t even know existed about your business. A well-maintained listing (correct and up-to-date) sees many more views by online users than an unclaimed listing.

Separate yourself from the Competition by implementing Small Business SEO in your marketing strategy.

Business is competitive, especially when you’re a small business going against major companies and other small businesses. Local SEOPRO will help your business listings appear when and where consumers look for whatever it is you’re selling/offering.

In order to attract customers, you need to stand out from your competition, and with Local SEOPRO, you can easily do that. You can add promotional links, call-to-action’s, sales, online-only promotions, rewards programs, and more – these creative and different ideas and promotions can help attract more people to your business and hopefully lead to more customers.

SEO for small business's
Interact with Clients in Real Time

Interact with Clients in Real Time

Reviews can make or break many small businesses – one bad review can cost a business a lot. With Local SEOPRO, you can monitor reviews of your retail business’ products/services as soon as a person makes a post. You will be able to respond and act immediately, whether it is a good or poor rating. By interacting with customers, you can improve upon your business, their experience, and attract even more clients with your response and promptness.

Review monitoring is essential to a small business’ survival. If you’re not monitoring and engaging with your reviewers, your reputation may suffer, especially since your competition is likely doing this with their customers. Reputation is also a key factor in long term repeat business.

Manage and Control Your Business with A Few Clicks

With the Local SEOPRO platform, you can:

  • Centralize the facts about your business, hours, locations, services, photos, sales, etc.

  • Alter information based on a location/area or holiday basis.

  • Tailor language and offerings to different regions.

  • Manage and update promotions, services, employees.

  • Publish your information across our network to rank in many searches.

  • Engage with customers directly.

  • Know when someone is talking about your business online.

  • Create landing pages for each location.

  • Offer online-only promotions, in-store only promotions and incentives.

  • And much more!

Your SEO and online marketing strategy need to be in effect and on point or your small business won’t be found or visited.  People still go to brick-and-mortar stores, so it’s essential for you to attract clients not only to your online profile/site/store but bring them to your locations, as well, through correct local information (if applicable).

You need your online information to be correct, updated, informative, and stand out. About 90% of people click on a link on the first page of Google in the search results, and this number drops down to 4.5% when you move to page two. There are about eight spots and three local map results on the first page of Google that your small business is competing for against your competitors, so your online marketing needs to be on point. And in terms of voice search results, there’s really only a few to compete for. With this in mind, you can see why it’s imperative to have a strong Small Business SEO foundation.

Manage and Control Your Business with A Few Clicks
Attract in New Customers & Clients

Attract in New Customers & Clients with Small Business SEO

Local SEOPRO can help you attract new customers and clients and increase your visibility on the search engine through Small Business SEO. Our local SEO solutions and strategy can also make it easier for new and existing customers to find your nearest location, get your number, find a sale, or call your number.

Through our Local Knowledge Network, your services and information will be distributed based on keywords and location data on the search engines, like Google, social networks like Facebook, and other platforms and third-party apps like Apple Maps. Our platform allows you to control all your data on your website and across the web making it easier for you to streamline information across all your locations, whether you have one, dozens, or are a strictly online-only business.

Local SEOPRO can also help you learn more about your customers and their behaviors, such as how they are interacting with your business and products/services online, so you will know when and how to act.

Make Your Changes and Keep Them Informed

You want your customers to know what’s happening at your business (on and offline) at any given time. Holiday hours. Sales. Phone numbers. New inventory. Staff changes. Service changes. Your business and brand likely go through changes whether daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly – just remember to share those changes online to keep current customers and potential customers informed. If you provide them with bad/outdated information, people will be less likely to trust you or turn to you for business.

With Local SEOPRO, you can update and change your company information and services on your website, social networks, search engines, business profiles, directories, maps, and more where people would turn to find information out about your business. Our system allows you to give clients good, correct information in real time as the changes happen.

Make Changes in Real Time
Manage Your Information Near and Far

Manage Your Information Near and Far

Whether you’re an online-only business or a small local business, our platform allows you to manage and grant editing privileges to people of all levels within the company and at many locations. Any location can update and correct information and respond to customers fast and easy with the click of the button and you will be able to oversee it all within your dashboard.

Our platform can help you market online locally to compete with similar small businesses in the area and online. Our platform will help you take control of your digital brand by providing the clients consistent information about your business, products, sales, and more.

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