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Google My Business is more important now than ever

At this point, you might question, “Who hasn’t heard of Google?” Google is such a large part of our culture that people use the business’ name as a verb in place of “search” when referring to looking things up on the web. Google is the number one online destination globally, and the most-used search engine. Even when it comes to looking for products or services locally or beyond, Google is the number one platform people turn to.

Let’s get you found on GMB

With all that said, your business needs to be found on Google, and you should be listed on Google My Business (GMB). What is Google My Business? It is a free business profile where you control the information about your business. Here, you can maintain accurate, up-to-date listings, hours, phone numbers, addresses, contact info, photos, customer reviews, and more. You can connect with customers across Google Search and Maps. You can respond to reviews. You can answer questions. You can post blogs, announcements, FAQ, media, and other important information.

In short, Google My Business allows you to engage with customers and potential customers on Google for free. With this profile, you’re giving people more ways to contact, interact, and engage with your business. When you manage this profile, you can see how customers connect and engage with your business profile through calls, clicks, bookings, reviews, and follows.

Let’s Get You Found on Google
You Need to Be Listed on Google

You must be listed on Google My Business

To get a Google business listing, you must first get listed through Google and go through Google’s verification process. Once verified, you can start building and managing your business profile.

You need to be on GMB. Why? It’s the most prominent provider of searches, maps, apps, and voice assistants on which your business can be found. However, managing a business account is a manual process that can be time consuming and tedious. Local SEOPRO can quickly and easily give you the ability to manage your profile in our platform and publish them to GMB in real time. By working with our software, your information on Google My Business will be accurate for consumers to see.

At Local SEOPRO, our platform will give you the ability to connect with consumers and respond to questions across your locations on Google. Our platform can help your business, whether it has one or several locations, give out the right, up-to-date information to customers.

Our software also allows you to make sure the information provided on these business pages is accurate and optimized for local search. With more than 46% of all Google searches being users looking for local information, you need to be visible on this platform! Manage and claim your listings today on Google My Business to ensure location data accuracy, manage photos and descriptions, and to receive insights on customer engagement and behavior.

Manage & monitor your data on GMB

Local SEOPRO is a software service where you provide important information about your business and that information will be updated across the web. By using Local SEOPRO you can control the majority of online information about your business all from one platform.

The software gives you the ability to easily keep an eye on your profiles and make sure inaccurate information is fixed or removed. With Local SEOPRO, you can upload basic content, media and other important information to your online profiles, including Google My Business, in real time.

Monitor Your Data on Google

Are you ready to dominate your competition on Google My Business?

Each plan with Local SEOPRO supports GMB management. Check out our pricing page for details of each plan we offer.

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