Hey, Alexa — what do you know about my business?

Alexa search continues to grow in popularity

In fact, by the end of 2020, there will be about 200 billion voice search queries per month. Amazon’s Alexa is just one platform in which people are searching this way.

With Local SEOPRO, you can optimize your business for voice search through our integration with Amazon’s Alexa. You can take control over the information Alexa provides about your business with customers and potential customers. It will help you sync your brand’s digital knowledge to one of the most prominent voice assistants in the world (and it keeps growing). You want to make sure people get the most accurate answers to their questions about your business, brand or company – Local SEOPRO can make it happen through our integration with Amazon Alexa.

Arm Alexa with accurate answers

Alexa answers millions of questions a day about businesses . Since 71% of people use voice search for common tasks, Alexa is busy. Help Alexa out by giving it the best, most current information about your business, brand, company or products.

Arm Alexa with Accurate Answers
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Manage your brand with Local SEOPRO

Local SEOPRO helps you structure and manage all the public facts about your brand that you want Alexa to know. Our direct integration with Alexa – and more than 100 other leading services— ensures those facts about your business make their way into the databases behind the voice-powered services of today and tomorrow. Leveraging the Local Knowledge Network allows you to control your business’ presence across more than 100 search engines, maps, apps, directories, and voice assistants.

Control your business’ data with Local SEOPRO

With the substantial growth of voice search queries, your business needs to optimize its offerings for the intricacies of these types of searches. Sign up today for Local SEOPRO and get your business optimized for voice searches!

Correct facts about your business help Alexa answer questions such as:

  • “Alexa, where is the closest pet store?”

  • “Alexa, give me the hours to the nearest hair salon.”
  • “Alexa, where can I get a good cup of coffee?”

Alexa’s user base continues to grow. Alexa knows how to perform around 70,000 actions (Yelp searches, calling an Uber, ordering from Amazon Prime and more).

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