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The Competitive Intelligence feature allows you to add up to five competitors of your choice to compare average review ratings, as well as compare presence in search by setting up the Search Tracker.

To add competitors: 

  1.   Click Location Optimization in the main navigation.
  2.   Click Competitors in the left sidebar.
  3.   Click on the Competitors field.
  4.   Enter the business name and main website domain for a competitor that you would like to track your performance against.
  5.   Click + Add a new competitor to add up to four more competitors.
  6.   Click Save.

How to get Competitive Intelligence:
Competitive Intelligence is part of the Ultimate plan and can also be purchased through the Competitive Intelligence add-on for the Professional plan only. Starter plans are not able to utilize Competitive Intelligence. If you are interested in adding Competitive Intelligence to your current plan, please click Change My Plan and request the add-on.

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