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At Local SEOPRO, we believe that high quality Voice SEO services shouldn’t be limited to large scale businesses. We have developed our SEO service to rank our customers on Google Search for the long-term. In this article, we will be going over everything that we do to deliver the results.

Weekly Content

When it comes to ranking high on Google Search for the long-term, content is the king. Whether that’s provided by a user based community channel or a website’s blog, Google highly prefers websites that have consistent and quality content published online.

Because of this, we provide weekly blog content that is structured to help you gain local organic traffic. This improves your website metrics that Google looks for when ranking a website, which will result in steady growth within your target keyword categories.

Our hand-written content is created in-house by trained, experienced writers then vetted by our proofreaders & your dedicated account manager. It’s unique, well structured & provides content assets to your website that will deliver value for years to come.

On-Page Optimization

Another important part of SEO is fixing the technical issues that your website has, along with editing your web pages, posts & blog categories for your target key-phrases. We handle the entire process for you! Our optimization team will go through your website, repair any technical issues, and will integrate your target key-phrases into your site content.

Please note that we provide our clients comparison reports for the optimization tasks, not detailed line item reports. This is simply not feasible at this price point. We focus on performing our service rather than spending time with manual documentation which isn’t really needed in the long term.

For more information on the Local SEOPRO optimization process, please see On-Page Optimization Guide.

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