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With the Knowledge Assistant, you can make updates to your brand facts on the go, directly from your smartphone — without needing to log in. You can add photos, update hours of operation, see and respond to reviews, and more. Once you’ve set up Knowledge Assistant you can interact with it via text message or Facebook Messenger.

This article reviews all of the supported interactions with Knowledge Assistant.

Action Command Available Fields
Update Profile Information
  • “Update my…”
  • “Add…”
  • “Featured Message”
  • “Holiday Hours”
  • “Regular Hours”
  • “Address”
  • “Phone Number”
  • “Website”
  • “Description”
  • “Event start and end time”
  • “Event date”
  • “FAQ”
Add Photos
  • “Upload photo”
  •  “Headshot”
  • “Business Logo”
  • “Photo Gallery”
  • “Google Profile Photo”
  • “Google Cover Photo”
  • “Facebook Cover Photo”
  • “Facebook Profile Photo”
  • “[Custom Photo Field]”
Access Profile Information
  •  “What is my average rating…?”
  • “How many reviews do I have…?”
  • “Show me my reviews…”
  • “for all entities?”
  • “for [location]?”
  • “for [time period]?”
  • “awaiting response”
Monitor Google My Business Q&A
  • “Show me my…”
  • “GMB Q&A”
  • “GMB Q&A that need answers”
Access Analytics
  • “How many profile views do I have?”
  • “Show me my…”
  • “GMB website clicks”
  • “GMB phone calls”
  • “GMB driving directions”
Ask About Additional Functionalities
  • “What can you do?”
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