Add Holiday Hours

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The Holiday Hours feature allows you to specify your business hours on days when your business has an irregular schedule, like holidays or special events.

You can also update holiday hours directly from your smartphone using the Knowledge Assistant.

To add holiday hours:

  1. Click Location Optimization in the main navigation.
  2. Click Business Details in the left sidebar.
  3. Click on the Hours (Holiday Hours) field.
  4. Click on the calendar icon and select the desired date.
  5. Click Open to select the option that best represents your holiday hours. If the hours are the same as your normal business hours, select Regular Hours.
  6. If you selected Split or Open, specify the correct hours.
    • Split hours defaults to two sets of hours. To add additional intervals, click on the + Add an interval link and specify the correct hours.
  7. Click + Add Another to add additional dates.
  8. Click Save. Your business hours will now update for the dates specified, then automatically revert back.
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