Consumers are More Comfortable with Mobile Commerce

Consumers are More Comfortable with Mobile Commerce

In today’s world, people don’t need to go to a car dealership or an autobody shop to learn about prices, the latest model, services, and more. These days, people can shop and compare services all through a mobile smart device. Your automotive services business needs to be there too.

In fact, on average, car buyers spend about 12 hours searching the Internet when looking to buy a vehicle. Since so much information and current vehicle inventory is online, some people even take months to research before buying a car. These days, about only 1.25 dealerships are visited in person before a new vehicle is purchased, so you want to make sure you are one of those dealerships. You’re SEO and online marketing strategy needs to be in effect and on point or your company won’t be found or visited.

The Internet currently is the #1 source for new vehicle research. This means, you need your information to be correct, updated, informative, and stand out. About 90% of people click on a link on the first page of Google in the search results, and this number drops down to 4.5% when you move to page two. There are about eight spots and three local map results on the first page of Google that your automotive business/dealership is competing for against your competitors, so your online SEO needs to be on point.

Bring in New Customers

Local SEOPRO can help you attract new customers and increase your visibility on the search engine through optimized information. Our SEO solutions and strategy can also make it easier for new and existing customers to find your nearest location, get your number, find a promotion, or call your number.

Through our Local SEOPRO network, your services and information will be distributed based on keywords and location data on the search engines, like Google, social networks like Facebook, and other platforms and third-party apps like Apple Maps. Our platform allows you to control all your data on your website and across the web making it easier for you to streamline information across all your locations, whether you have one or two shops/dealerships or dozens.

Bring in New Customers
Stand Out Against the Competition

Stand Out Against the Competition

Local SEOPRO can also help your automotive services stand out amongst your competition – we know there’s a lot of car dealerships, autobody shops, and mechanics out there and we can help you stand out amongst them.

With our platform, you can add promotion links, call-to-actions, optimize pages, add offers and online promotions, new account incentives. All these items are incentives that could help a customer choose between you and the competition.

Digital SEO marketing is essential to automotive survival. If you’re not on the web, you’ll fall far behind, especially since your competition is likely online.

Make Changes in Real Time

You want your customers to know what’s happening at any one of your locations at any given time. Holiday hours. Holiday specials. Regular hours. Special openings and closings. Staff changes. Inventory. Phone numbers. Promotions. Services. Your business and brand likely go through changes whether daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly – just remember to share those changes online to keep current customers and potential customers informed. If you provide them with bad/outdated information, people will be less likely to trust you or turn to you for business.

With Local SEOPRO, you can update and change your company information and services on your website, social networks, search engines, business profiles, directories, maps, and more where people would turn to find information out about your business. Our system allows you to give customers good, correct information in real time as the changes happen.

Make Changes in Real Time
Manage Your Information Near and Far

Manage Your Information Near and Far

Whether you’re a smaller automotive business or a larger operation, our platform allows you to manage and grant editing privileges to people of all levels within the company and at many locations. Your locations near and far can update and correct information and respond to customers fast and easy with the click of the button and you will be able to oversee it all within the system.

Whether you’re dealing with car sales, inventory, promotions, oil changes, repairs, parts, or more, our system can help you market online locally to compete with similar businesses in the area. Our system can help you take control of your digital brand by providing the customers thorough, good information about your business, services, inventory, and employees.

Get Your Automotive Services Optimized with Local SEOPRO

At Local SEOPRO, we can get your automotive business discovered. We have the power to boost your SEO and your ability to be found on the web. Your business’ information will be distributed over a large network and you will be able to create and edit your public information easily on dozens of search engines, social networks, directories, apps, maps and more.

The traffic you receive from SEO is free traffic. You will receive 24/7 promotion by being higher-up on the search engines.

Your information will be catered to people doing both manual and voice searches on their mobile apps to find local automotive services.
Local SEOPRO understands the automotive services industry. Our SEO services and platform are proven to work.

At Local SEOPRO, we use a DKR software that manages business profiles across the internet where we can easily edit information. The platform can upload basic content, media and other additional information to your profiles.

Get Your Automotive Services Optimized with Voice SEO

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