Voice searches will continue to grow in the future

Get insights and metrics into how consumers interact with your business and brand

From tracking what your customers are doing on your website to seeing how many people have clicked to call your business through Google My Business. The digital analytics and reporting features of Local SEOPRO are second to none! Here are just a few key elements of our Analytics Toolkit.

Data and analytics which gives you insight

Our Search Tracker is a tool that runs a series of search queries based on keywords that you indicate, measuring how frequently your business appears in knowledge cards, local packs, and organic results. The compiled results allow you to gauge how likely a customer is to choose your business in search.

Local SEOPRO supplies you with an insights library that allows you to see a consolidated view of all the data that matters — in one place. You can easily see everything from how many clicks your promotions get, to the days and times when your Pages are the most popular, to how many people use Google Maps to get to your store.

In addition to understanding your own performance, you also have the ability to see how your brand compares with local competitors in both search and ratings — giving you a complete look at how customers find and engage with your business.

Data and Analytics Give Us Insight
People Search Differently Now

People search differently now

Consumers search differently if they use talk versus text. Voice searches are more conversational speak or come in the form of questions. As voice search grows, we aim to fully understand user intent to provide the best possible search results for users based on keywords and phrases. At Local SEOPRO, we focus on understanding this difference and use the analytics behind the various types of searches to create the best possible experiences for users.

The data we collect from voice search is also super beneficial for local businesses. Why? About 58 percent of consumers have used voice search to find local business information out in the last year, while 46 percent of voice search users look for a local business daily. Many people use voice assistants for directions, hours, services, and more, to a local business.

How are you using analytics to measure your results?

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