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Create Assets for Intelligent Review Response

December 6, 2022 49
The Intelligent Review Response feature is a tool to help you easily respond to reviews. To use Intelligent Review Response, you will create text assets for each of the four components of an effective review response: Greeting, Value Statement, Sentiment Keyword, and Closing. You can then create a r...

Create Reviews Email Notifications

December 6, 2022 28
This article provides detailed instructions on how to set up email notifications for Reviews. Reviews email notifications can alert you of new first party reviews, as well as reviews across the Local Knowledge Network. You can also create notifications for Analytics. To do that, see Create An...

Review Response

December 6, 2022 274
With Local SEOPRO and Review Response, you can respond to reviews left by your consumers. This feature is currently supported for Facebook, Google My Business, and first party reviews. For locations in Germany, review response is also supported on GoLocal and MeinungsMeister. The entire suite...

Reviews Insights & Monitoring

December 6, 2022 47
Ratings and reviews impact how search engines and customers make decisions about businesses every day. Local SEOPRO Reviews allows you to monitor and respond to reviews across the Local Knowledge Network, so you can continue the conversation and uncover new opportunities to improve your operatio...