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The Post feature allows you to make posts on Facebook, Foursquare, Google, and your website, directly from your dashboard.

To create a post:

  1. Click Listing Management in the main navigation.
  2. Click on the Post sub-tab along the top.
  3. Click on the Make a new post… text box.
  4. Add content to create your post.
    • Note: Character limits differ by site, see the next section of this article for more information.
  1. If applicable, select the locations you would like to post to. Otherwise, all locations will be selected by default.
    1. Click on the All Items button and select the desired locations, folders, or labels.
    2. Click Apply.
  2. Click on the relevant icons to select or deselect the sites you would like to post to. When a site is deselected, the icon will be grayed out.
  1. Click Post Now to publish your post or click the on drop-down button next to Post Now to schedule the post for a future date and time.

 Character limits by site

  • Facebook: 5,000 characters
  • Foursquare: 10- 160 characters
  • Google Local: 1,500 characters
  • Your Site: 5,000 characters
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