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With the Local SEOPRO Knowledge Assistant, managing the facts about your brand is as easy as texting your friends. Update your hours, add photos, and respond to reviews — all right from your phone through SMS or Facebook Messenger. You can also see how you’re performing, or what information you currently have in the platform by asking the Knowledge Assistant. The Knowledge Assistant can help you see how consumers are engaging with your brand at any time.

Why use Knowledge Assistant?

  • Never worry about having to remember holidays. If you haven’t made an update to your hours for a holiday, Knowledge Assistant will reach out to you — so you can confirm or change your hours.
  • Update content on the go. Simply snap a photo or send a promotional message to the Knowledge Assistant, confirm the change, and that update will be published for all of your customers to see.
  • Stay on top of new reviews. The Knowledge Assistant will send you a message to alert you of new reviews on any Local Knowledge Network site. Then, simply text your response to the Knowledge Assistant, and watch it publish to the review on sites that support review response.
  • Understand how you’re doing on your own schedule. Ask the Knowledge Assistant things like “Show me my hours”, or “How many profile views do I have?” to understand what consumers currently see, and view analytics about how you are performing online.
  • Empower local users, and easily prompt them to update content. With the Knowledge Assistant, local managers can update their brand facts in a matter of moments, right from their phones, so they can stay focused on running their business. You can also set up alerts to remind them to fill in or update certain pieces of information.

How to use Knowledge Assistant

Set up Knowledge Assistant

  1. Click on the Gear Icon on the top bar.
  2. In the Knowledge Assistant Settings section, click + Add Number or + Link Facebook Account. To learn more, see Set up Knowledge Assistant.

Start a conversation with Knowledge Assistant

  1. To start a conversation through Facebook Messenger: Open the Messenger app and start a new chat. Enter Knowledge Assistant in the To: field.
  2. To start a conversation through SMS: Send a text message (e.g., Hi) to the phone number you received your verification code from when you set up Knowledge Assistant. To learn more, see Start a conversation with Knowledge Assistant.
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