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Search Tracker is a tool that runs a series of search queries based on keywords that you indicate, measuring how frequently your business appears in knowledge cards, local packs, and organic results. The compiled results allow you to gauge how likely a customer is to choose your business in search. To compare your presence of search to up to five competitors, see Set Up Competitive Intelligence.

To set up the Search Tracker:

  1.   Click on Location Optimization in the main navigation.
  2.   Click Search Tracker in the left sidebar.
  3.   Fill out the following fields and click Save after each update:
    1. Intelligent Search Tracker Enabled
      • Select Yes from the drop-down.
    2. Intelligent Search Tracker Frequency
      • Select how often you would like the Intelligent Search Tracker to perform searches.
    3. Location Keywords
      • Select the checkboxes next to Name and Primary Category to include the business name and category in searches.
    4. Custom Keywords
      • Add up to five additional keywords to include in searches.
      • Enter one keyword per text box.
    5. Query Templates
      • Select up to four query templates that you would like applied in searches.
      • You must select at least three templates.
    6. Alternate Websites (Optional)
      • Add up to three alternate website domains that you use for your business.
    7. Alternate Names (Optional)
      • Add up to three alternate names that are used for your business, or any common misspellings.
    8. Tracking Sites
      • Select the search engines where you would like to track your performance on.
  1.   Confirm that the Search Tracker is set up correctly.
    1. Click Analytics in the top navigation bar.
    2. Click on the Search Tracker sub-tab.
    3. Click on the View Search Tracking Status button. Any fields that still need to be configured will be written in red.
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