Tip of the iceberg for Voice Search

Tip of the iceberg for Local Search

Voice search is in its infancy – this is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg, you could say. Voice searching and voice recognition technology is continuing to grow and will improve. If you want to stay relevant now and, in the future, you need to pay attention to voice search.

About 40 percent of Americans own a voice-enabled device and at low price points, which makes it easy for everyone to start embracing this type of searching. This shift in searching changes the way we ask and find information and will change consumer expectations and behaviors.

We help our clients build a digital footprint and manage all aspects of it to their advantage with this new way of searching. We will tailor content for a more conversational tone.

What is Digital Knowledge Management?

With all that said, Local SEOPRO focuses on Digital Knowledge Management (DKM). DKM is important for all businesses because you need quality, accurate, and verified data and content on the web for it to be accessible through search.

DKM is the creation and management of facts about a business on all digital data platforms such as prices, names, hours, addresses etc. Today, information about a business goes well beyond the name, number and address. People can view ratings, reviews, comments, the hours in which the business experiences the most traffic, menus, social media profiles, and more. This information can all be found on platforms like Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Bing, and more.

Consumers want more and more information, which is why it is so important to manage and control the data out there online about your business.
If you don’t have the right information out there, consumers cannot find you, will think you are unreliable, or will have a bad experience from your inaccurate information. Digital Knowledge Management can help you get discovered by more people online, be it through Voice or Text search. With DKM, you are ensuring that consumers receive correct information about your business online and avoid frustrating or embarrassing experiences with consumers.

What is Digital Knowledge Management
Optimize your business’ digital knowledge with Voice SEO

Optimize your business’ digital knowledge with Local SEOPRO

Local SEOPRO helps you structure and manage all the public facts about your business that you want these services to know. With direct integration on Alexa, Google, Apple, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, and more than 100 other leading services — we can ensure our clients that those facts make their way into the databases behind the voice-powered services of today and tomorrow.

We allow our clients to feed their digital knowledge directly to these services, giving direct control over the answers that these services provide about them to users. With our Local Knowledge Network, we make it easier for consumers using these services for voice search to get key facts about the businesses they are looking for all coming from the business itself.

Since it’s predicted that 50 percent of searches will be made by voice on these platforms in 2024, you want to manage your information via these services. We enable our customers to sync their information directly with these providers, allowing these services to provide correct and accurate answers to consumers’ questions.

Are you in control of your brand’s Digital Knowledge?

Manage Your Digital Knowledge with Local SEOPRO. Check out our pricing page for details of each plan we offer.

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