Competitive Intelligence Overview

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Competitive Intelligence is a unique solution that not only helps you understand your presence in search, but also how your entities are rated versus your local competition, giving you a comprehensive look at how customers find and engage with your business.

Why use Competitive Intelligence:

  • Compare your average star rating to that of your competitors to understand how you out rate the competition, and where you fall short so that you can make informed improvements to your entities.
  • Understand how you and your competition show up in search results for the keywords you care about, so you can understand how likely a consumer is to choose each business.

How to setup Competitive Intelligence: 

  • Add your competitors 
    1. Click on Location Optimization in the main navigation.
    2. In the Competitors section, add the Competitor Name and Competitor Website. To learn more, see Set up Competitive Intelligence.
  • Enable the Search Tracker
    1. Click on Location Optimization in the main navigation.
    2. Fill out the fields in the Search Tracker section. To learn more, see Set Up Search Tracker.

How to get Competitive Intelligence:

Competitive Intelligence is part of the Ultimate plan and can also be purchased through the Competitive Intelligence add-on for the Professional plan only. Starter plans are not able to utilize Competitive Intelligence. If you are interested in adding Competitive Intelligence to your current plan, please click Change My Plan and request the add-on.

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