In today’s digital world, where the power of modern technology stands as a difference-maker in the success of every business’s marketing efforts, voice search is a tool that stands out above all else.

Although many traditionalists may claim that other tools and methods like content marketing and PPC are far more important, voice search is still on a quick rise to the top. With more online natives and consumers seeking convenience at every turn, it has become clearer that the tool in question is bound to be a mainstay in future users’ experiences. 

Why is voice search vital for your online marketing success?

If you want to give your business a valuable edge in the online landscape, then there’s no doubt that voice search services should be in the picture. However, you might be wondering why such a seemingly minor detail is so impactful in the first place. 

In the past year, the rise in voice-based searches has proven to be a vital development to watch out for because of their apparent link to algorithm-based advantages and higher rankings. In an effort to make the Internet a far more accessible place, search engines like Google and Bing have taken the time to reward sites that are now reachable with a “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google” with better rankings. 

As a result of this move towards building a more accessible future for online users, it is a well-established fact that having a voice search-friendly website almost always leads to a competitive advantage unlike anything else. Conversely, this same development has also led to voice-related work as a vital tenet of successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in today’s digital marketing landscape! 

How can you use it to your advantage in 2021?

Voice search-powered SEO—like any other strategy—is something that doesn’t work or attract success based on its mere presence alone, as it requires a pragmatic approach with the right tips. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with different tips and tricks that will point you in the right direction and ensure that your voice search SEO strategy is effective: 

Take device targeting seriously

When it comes to targeting voice searches for a more robust ranking strategy, it’s essential to consider that doing so also involves looking at the specific devices that you want to target.

You see, voice searching is similar to a digital microcosm: you have searches that come from smart speakers in home offices, laptops, and even android and apple phones. In fact, each of these avenues or sources can be specifically targeted when a voice search strategy is being built.

Once you take the time to understand how device targeting works, you can boost your chances of conversion from the get-go by fine-tuning your strategy and materials to best suit a user or device of your choice! 

Start building strategies according to user intent

In the growing world of voice search SEO, there are three key types of intent that every inquiry or search can be characterized by:

  • “DO” searches: They are centered on action-based or transactional activities like calling certain numbers or scheduling meetings.
  • “KNOW” searches: They are focused on answering any questions that a searcher may have about any topic (which is often tied to SERP-related work).
  • “GO” searches: They correspond to delivering or catering to navigational-based inquiries directions. 

Although this bit of information can seem like such a menial point of reference at first, knowing about the different types of user intent will allow you to build your strategy much better. Through the help of these user intent strategies, it will be much easier to pinpoint which strings of text or questions you can target!


At this point, you’re likely focusing on all types of tools, strategies, and methods to help elevate your digital marketing for 2021. However, it pays to focus on your voice search work. Through the help of the two tips mentioned above, you can take your efforts to the next level and ensure that you’re ready to capitalize on a growing market of convenience and potential conversions!

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