Thanks to the leaps and bounds made in technology, more and more people turn to voice search to Google their queries. As smart home devices populate more households across the country, this new kind of searching is quickly transforming the way people seek and consume information. 

When met with a query, these devices turn to search engines, and the information they volunteer is always high-ranking. This new aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) offers a new way for businesses to optimize their voice search websites. By focusing on this area, they’ll ensure that they reach their target audience while ranking high.

Fortunately, our experts at Local SEO Pro know just what you need to capitalize on voice search SEO for your website. Here’s what you need to know:

Spotlighting Page Speed

One of the essential factors of enforcing SEO best practices in audible search is page speed. How fast a page can load plays a significant role in SEO for voice search. According to a Backlinko study that analyzed 10,000 Google Home search results, the average voice-based results page loads in 4.6 seconds. This time is around 52 percent faster than the average page.

Although voice search optimization may not directly rely on page speed itself, fast loading times are standard among high-ranking websites. Websites that are well-optimized always focus on user experience, which means keeping wait times to a minimum. As voice search results usually come from top-ranking websites, you’ll want to focus on making your website rank as high as possible. Increasing page speed can help with that.

Factoring In HTTPS and SSL

According to the same Backlinko study, 70.4 percent of Google Home result pages are secured websites. HTTPS results or websites enabled with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, prevent hackers from accessing your data by encrypting your connection. Users appreciate protection and security when browsing, which may explain why HTTPS websites are high ranking.

However, when you consider the statistics, 70.4 percent is on the relatively low side. Although security is an essential feature of websites, this doesn’t necessarily lead to increased voice search results.

Prioritizing Short Answers

Search engines, especially Google, prioritize concise answers when responding to voice search queries. According to the Backlinko study, the usual result is around 29 words long. 

This finding corresponds to Google’s announcement of incorporating more Featured Snippets in the SERP (search engine results page) to accommodate more complicated queries. However, displaying more Featured Snippets in the SERP may result in fewer clicks, as users don’t have to look for more information. 

Marketers can use this to their advantage. By focusing on adding voice- and featured snippet-ready content, it’ll be easier for Google to use these in search queries.

Focusing on Authoritative Domains

The Backlinko study found that authoritative domains provided much more voice search results than non-authoritative domains. Search engines, especially Google, need to be confident that they’re offering customers the most accurate information possible. For search engines to guarantee this, the algorithm for audible searching likely relies on domain authority over page authority, making this a crucial factor for voice search optimization.

Although climbing the domain ratings is more complicated once you’ve scored a high number, doing so will help your business land the coveted top position in the SERP. Smart speakers offer only one answer to questions instead of listing several, so they want only the best solution possible. 


Voice search is becoming an increasingly popular way to look for information online. Navigating these trends and factoring this into your marketing strategy will give you a competitive edge, primarily if your customer base uses smart home devices. With our guide, you’ll be well on your way to mastering voice search optimization.

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