Local SEO is a field that is always changing. Businesses should keep up with the most recent trends as new technology and strategies are developed to secure online exposure.

Businesses of all sizes must keep ahead of the curve and ensure their local SEO strategy is current as we move ahead to 2023. Read on to know more about local SEO trends and where to find local SEO services. 

Quicker Loading Times 

Increasing user experience (UX) is essential in the modern world because people want instant information access on whichever device they choose to use. Check this out to test if your website loads pages quickly. 

The ideal load time is between 0 and 4 seconds, and the first five seconds have the most influence on conversion rates, according to a Hubspot post. If it takes your website longer than usual to load, aim for a sweet spot of fewer than two seconds.

More Effective Google Business Profile

Remember that preserving accurate and full business information will be one of the biggest local SEO trends for 2023. 64% of people use Google Business Profiles to find contact information.

Your Google Business Profile will likely become more important in 2023. Join the best SEO company if you haven’t already or wish to maximize your present business profile’s potential. 

From getting you started to optimizing your photographs, articles, and reviews, we have a variety of tips on how to improve your Google Business Profile.

Video Material

Consumers can be persuaded to purchase a product via audiovisual content. We cannot deny that videos are more well-liked by our audience, although blogs, whitepapers, and other text-based content are useful. 

96% of consumers have watched an explainer film to understand more about a product or service, according to a Wyzowl poll. Customers are honestly assessing you and deciding how you could improve their lives.

For instance, if you run an outdoor recreation company, you might make a YouTube channel where you promote your items and demonstrate how to utilize them. 

For instance, if you own a Chinese restaurant, you could add movies to the dishes on your menu to increase the value of your cuisine. 

Then, you can publish a bite-sized version of the movie to your Google Business Profile using Google Posts, share it on social media, or embed it on your website (granted that it follows the content policies).


Although the video is currently “lord” of content, other kinds of speech should not be ignored. With the introduction of multi-search, Google is making visual search one of the major local SEO trends for the upcoming year.

Combining visual and text search, the simple multi-search method can help you find the exact information you’re looking for. 

A study found that 36% of customers used visual search in 2019. The amount of people using Google Lens, which had 8 billion monthly users in 2022, is likely to rise in the upcoming years as more people use it. People like to be able to picture the products they are thinking about purchasing.

Mobile-First Indexing 

We previously addressed mobile-first indexing, and rumors suggest it’ll be one of the most significant local SEO trends in 2019. 

Google will index your website based on its mobile version, given that more and more people use mobile devices to access the internet or search for local businesses.

Use your smartphone to scan your website and think about the following issues rapidly: But does it react to me? To take full advantage of mobile-first indexing. It loads quickly, yes? Is it simple for you to navigate? You should talk to your web developers and digital marketing team about modernizing your website if you choose “no” to any of these questions.


The word “visual” will be crucial in 2023 and perhaps in the future. Even while real videos and actual photographs are becoming more and more crucial for businesses, optimizing your web listing, particularly your Google Business Profile, is a constant in any list of local SEO trends. When your company approaches 2023, keep these trends in mind and opt to work with an SEO expert or platform!

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