Yandex is a directory helping consumers and businesses better navigate the online and offline world since 1997. Its machine learning technology, MatrixNet, helps provide its users with the best search results possible, so they can have the best experience possible — from dining, to literature, to music, to directions, to flights, and much more.

Brand Logo
Generate brand consistency and add your logo to places your brand lives online.

Point consumers to where they can ‘Like’, comment, and post content about your business on Facebook.

Hours of Operation
Seize every micro-moment and make sure your customers know exactly when to find you.

Key Knowledge
Give consumers the knowledge they seek, including the name, address, and phone number of each of your locations.

Pinpoint your coordinates so consumers know where to find you.

Make your digital storefront vibrant by showcasing photos of your business.

Quick Updates
Update your business listings quickly and effortlessly, so that your customers always have the most up-to-date information.

Help consumers communicate with you by letting them know your Twitter handle.

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