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Top Rated Local

Top Rated Local is a local business site that helps users identify the best option by highlighting the top businesses within a local community. Top Rated Local analyzes ratings and reviews from hundreds of verified review sites, and then ranks businesses based on their overall rating.

Brand Logo
Generate brand consistency and add your logo to places your brand lives online.

Business Categories
Help consumers and intelligent services understand what you have to offer by associating yourself with the right categories for your business.

Business Description
Leverage business descriptions to localize your brand, share its unique history, and attract more consumers.

Give patients the critical information they need about your healthcare facilities, including name, address, and phone number.

Holiday Hours
Let your customers know if and when you’ll be open during the holidays.

Hours of Operation
Seize every micro-moment and make sure your customers know exactly when to find you.

Real-Time Updates
Stay in control of your critical business information by publishing updates in real time.

Website URL
Drive more consumers to your webpages by providing a direct link to your website.

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