Things are changing all over the world. Technologies we once thought were impossible have become the norm. Even something like voice search is extremely common these days! If you mean for your business to thrive in these new times, you must stay ahead of the pack. In marketing’s case, this means you have to analyze and be aware of trends that could influence content.

Marketing Trends

While technology is constantly changing, so too does marketing. We no longer see as much mass push marketing. Instead there is a focus on targeted engagement. The individual customer is now the focus of marketing campaigns.

Business websites these days are a way to see into a company’s beliefs, identity, and character. Websites both allow you to access a wider audience but also make it so that you have a less personal touch when interacting with the customer. Some websites are also created without giving the audience much time to purchase anything. 

For your website to be successful, you can’t just dump information in front of your customers. You need to communicate effectively and engage your visitor. To do so, your marketers and Web Content Management technology need to be the best they can be.

If you want to have a successful website, you’re going to need to ensure that it is both easily navigated and completely functional. Unfortunately, a good website is just one part of the equation. You’re also going to need a way to analyze your visitors and understand them. These insights, when considered along with your marketing objectives, will allow you to form concrete, actionable content creation plans.

Engagement Strategy

In order for you to have a successful engagement strategy/online marketing strategy, you’re going to need to connect to your audience. This can be achieved through good content.

You can create this connection with online marketing (social media, stupid simple SEO, pay per click, etc.) but remember that it’s not all about popularity. Success is measured in engagement and marketing objectives. 

Each visitor to your website is an opportunity to connect with them. They’re especially open to this connection since they decided, of their own volition, to visit your website. They chose to come to you.

However, regardless of how much you have invested into getting them to visit, remember that the opportunity is brief. They could very easily go back to the search engine and find another website.

To keep that initial engagement, make sure you design your website around the visitors you want to have. Focus on their needs, their wants. Again, this requires you to have both an understanding of your visitors and content that they want to see. 

Be prepared to shift things around as you discover more about your audience. You can change things like your tone and style and who your content comes from (marketing vs engineers). 


To stay ahead of the game, do your best to keep track of what your audience wants. Don’t just blindly pump out content; make sure it is tailored to the needs of your customers. If you’re having trouble with creating engaging content, consider hiring an SEO company. These professionals can help turn your customer insights into great content.

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