An effective digital marketing strategy requires consistency. If you are not actively posting content, your audience and customers will quickly forget you, which does not bode well for your brand. 

To maintain a consistent online presence, you need to post engaging and creative content regularly. However, staying active on social media and other online channels is challenging for brands and content creators alike. While content consumers face information overload, social media and SEO marketing experts are challenged with the continuous demand for quality content. 

To avoid feeling burned out from the constant content churning, it’s best to develop a strategy wherein you publish various types of content across different channels. Here are a few content types to give you an idea of your next digital marketing campaign.

1. Infographics

Infographics are some of the most popular types of content that online consumers prefer because they combine visuals with important information. It is easy to comprehend and very interesting to read through. Creative infographics will likely always have a place in the digital marketing industry.

2. Videos

Videos have proved their ability to persuade audiences to avail of a product or service. In 2021 and beyond, digital marketers worldwide believe that video content will continue to be incredibly popular, engaging, and influential. 

Video content can tell a story or describe a product in a concise and way. If you post short enough videos for your audience’s attention span, you can unlock the perfect components for trend-worthy content.

3. Live Broadcasts

Live broadcasting will allow you to be more connected to your audience and customers. This type of content is engaged with over three times more than pre-recorded and pre-made videos. You may do a conference, seminar, or even live chat with your endorsers and influencers to make your audience feel more involved with your brand.

4. Expert Discussions

Modern consumers rarely respond to intrusive advertising. The audience wants to know what they can get from your product or service, and they appreciate receiving it organically. Invite an expert to guest on your live broadcast and ask them to talk about the benefits of your product or service in people’s lives.

5. Automated Replies

While there are no operational hours for a digital business, you and your staff still deserve some downtime. But even when live personnel isn’t available, you still need to manage your customers’ concerns. Automated replies can be an efficient way to accommodate your customers’ needs immediately.

6. Customer Testimonials

Very few people will risk their money for a product or service no one has ever heard of. On the contrary, consumers will be more convinced to patronize your brand if they hear it from their friends, family, colleagues, and social media circles. Testimonials from legitimate customers will undoubtedly lead to more sales.

7. Optimized Content for Voice Search

You might have met Siri and Google voice search already, and you should know that they serve as assistants for device owners. The challenge that comes with these digital assistants is that they function differently from traditional devices. This is why you should optimize your content according to phrases frequently asked from Siri and Google assistant.

8. Personalized Advertisements

Consumers are more likely to act upon an advertisement if they are addressed directly. This is the best thing you can do with digital marketing; you can personalize your messages for your customers to catch their attention and patronage! 


Running an online business is difficult, especially when it comes to remaining consistent with your digital presence. Since the internet is constantly changing, you have to keep up with the demand by knowing the right strategy and appropriate types of content you should be posting. 

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