With time comes change, and the internet isn’t a stranger to it. The way people use the internet changes every day; what used to be innovative is now obsolete, what was impossible is now becoming the norm.

Siri and Alexa aren’t friends—they’re not even people! These innovations are only two examples of one of the top rising marketing trends: voice search. 

“OK Google, What’s Voice Search?”

As technology keeps improving, the number of ways to search has also increased. People only used to type in words if they wish to find something on the internet—but now, you don’t even need to move to look something up. This easy and convenient alternative is made possible thanks to voice search.

When it was introduced ten years ago, voice search was regarded more as a novelty than a feature, but now, almost every smartphone user engages with voice technology on their gadgets. With the number of voice searches increasing day by day and as the technology improves, it would be foolish of business owners to disregard this when it comes to SEO.

The Impact of Voice Search on SEO

Voice search is the most convenient way when it comes to looking up something on the Internet. Using your voice is easy and accessible—being able to voice out your questions and concerns is one of the primary reasons why this is growing in popularity and turning into a dominating presence in the world of SEO.

Disregarding voice search will incur significant losses for your business. Besides the usual SEO strategies, you should also optimize keywords and phrases for searches using voice assistants using voice SEO. Investing in voice SEO helps significantly improve your website’s ranking on search results and improve user experience.

How to Optimize Voice Search

It’s time to make voice search optimization part of your SEO strategy! Follow these tips for effective optimization:

  • Understand Consumer Behavior

Everyone has different ways of using voice search. You need to collect and analyze data regarding your target customers to figure out what plan of action to take.

  • Lengthen Your Search Phrases

People usually shorten their questions when they type them into a search box, but this doesn’t happen with voice search. Voice inquiries tend to be longer and more detailed, so you must concentrate on long-tail keywords for your optimization. While you must not forget short-tail keywords, you need to focus more attention on longer search phrases. 

  • Use Conversational Language

With voice search, people don’t have to type anything in. As such, they input their concerns as if they’re talking to someone and asking a question, particularly their voice assistant. Instead of using short keywords such as “voice search SEO,” you should phrase it into question format, like “What is voice search SEO?”


Voice search is the future of SEO! Don’t let your business fall behind and invest in voice SEO today. Just follow our tips and collaborate with a skilled SEO specialist so that you can rank high on voice search results and eventually become number one in your industry!

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