Voice search has evolved and is now widely popular in the digital world. Basically, a voice search lets users say their queries out loud instead of typing them into a search box to get results. Thanks to the advanced speech-recognition technology today, it can now understand what users are saying and deliver them the best results through voice.

Here’s why you should optimize your website for Google voice search: 

A Lot of People Are Using It

There is a growing number of people who are using voice-based devices as it makes it easier for them to search online for their needs. A huge majority of these people use Siri, Alexa, and Alaska based on their gadgets. Aside from using voice to search online, they also use it to start phone calls, set alarms, get directions while driving, and more. 

There Is Tremendous Growth 

With the growing number of people using voice search, Google has started to develop algorithms for voice search based on SEO. Therefore, many are recognizing the voice search as it becomes among the top SEO trends to watch out for this year. 

It Improves User Experience

Search engines today are now more user-focused, and voice search helps them improve user experience by delivering faster and more accurate search results. When you focus on voice search, you will also improve the user experience that will boost your ranking on search engines. 

These benefits are enough to convince business owners to optimize their websites for voice search. Here’s how you can get your business ready for this latest search trend:

  • Improve your site’s page speed

Today, a user will only linger on a page for less than ten seconds. If your page doesn’t load within that period, there is a high chance that you will lose site visitors. To optimize for voice search, make sure that your site’s page speed is fast.

  • Create structured data

Structured data is also known as schema markup and is one of the ranking factors used by Google’s search algorithm. Your structured data is your site’s position relevancy in the search results. Moreover, this will give you more control over how you provide information to search engines and how robots interpret it. Having structured data will give you a competitive advantage.

  • Identify search intent

It’s essential to identify user intent when they type in a search query. When you identify and understand user search intent, you will be able to optimize your content to provide the most accurate and immediate answer to the query.

  • Use long-tail keywords

When it comes to voice search, long-tail keywords are best because they are highly specific. When people use voice search, they use “real” human words. Naturally, the questions will be longer instead of short keywords. Optimize your content with long-tail keywords to boost it on top of the SERPs. 


Voice search has many benefits today, and there are many ways business owners can take advantage of this growing trend. Building and optimizing a website and content that are voice-friendly will do the trick. So, whatever you do, make sure to include voice search strategies in your SEO and campaigns. 

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