As we continue to grow with the digital era, we must know that technological advancements are not slowing down. In case you haven’t heard, the next major thing in the digital sector is voice technology. Intelligent assistants, smart speakers, speech-controlled televisions, and even voice-activated automobiles will all play a role in our future. 

With over a quarter of US households having one, speech technology is poised for a digital takeover. Read on to discover what you need to know about voice technology.

The Significance of Voice Technology

In the United States alone, Amazon and Google have sold over 27 million voice-activated gadgets. According to ComScore, voice search will account for 50% of all searches by 2020, while Gartner forecasts that 30% of queries will be completed without the use of a screen. Speech search and voice technology are becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital age due to their hands-free features.

In the past, there were various monotone voice recordings and rudimentary automated phone systems. Google Duplex, for example, offers a more complex experience with AI technology that allows humans to converse with machines to do tasks. 

The technology is utilized to fulfill activities, such as appointment scheduling. It aims to make jobs as natural as possible, allowing people to communicate with one another regularly without adjusting to a machine. Because of this new technology, consumers may interact with businesses via voice-enabled platforms. Google Duplex allows users to relax by utilizing natural language capabilities.

Businesses are seeing the value of voice-enabled devices. The sheer number of users illustrates how quickly this technology is gaining global popularity. Voice technology for a company and optimizing Google Ads for voice search are vital skills for a digital marketer to have.

Voice Technology Brands

Digital marketing methods evolve in lockstep with technological improvements (e.g., brands using voice search). Even well-known companies optimize their material for voice search. While debating how voice technology influences brands may appear frivolous, this is a critical step forward for any business.

Voice Technology Components

Marketers can use several voice technology components for marketing their brands. Brands can choose to have their products and services voice-activated, allowing them to be turned on and off and respond to other voice requests.

To enhance sales and revenue, most firms will want to optimize their content for voice marketing. It functions similarly to SEO in that it allows advertising to engage with customers across all voice platforms. This is the most important aspect of voice technology.

How to Get a High Voice Search Ranking

A voice marketing strategy is similar to a search engine optimization strategy. There are various ways that you should follow to improve your ranking and popularity with site spiders. The following pointers can help you optimize your material for voice:

  • Register your business on Google My Business to enable voice search.
  • Long-tail keywords collect more user voice queries.
  • To appeal to voice searchers, write in a more conversational tone.
  • Optimize your FAQ page so that it appears when users perform a search.


Sometimes, it’s all about riding the tide. As businesses in the age of modern technology, it’s only vital to learn how to keep up with the times. To put it simply, one of the most effective ways to stay ahead of the game is to incorporate voice search into your business. This way, your marketing strategy will allow your business to flourish and rank high in search engines. 

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