In 2011, Google first launched its Voice Search tool for the Google Labs suite and has made a significant impact on users today. Because people are always on the go and on their phones, many look for ways to search for goods, services, and information more conveniently, and voice search does just that.

Voice search is when a user searches for information by using their voice without using keyboards or keypads. Besides search engines, virtual assistants, and intelligent speakers may also receive a user’s voice search commands, making it a handy tool that could help with tasks and other inquiries. 

Because of its convenience, many business owners are finding different ways to maximize voice search use. Many people are optimizing their voice search for local SEO to improve their online ranking and online visibility. To do this, some business owners sign up for SEO services to enhance their marketing strategy and help them reach their business objectives. 

If you’re still curious about voice search, keep reading. Here, we’ll share everything you need to know about SEO and why you must have your voice search optimized for your SEO strategies. Grab a pen and paper, and let’s get to it!

Voice search is a game-changer

To fill the “gaps” when searching for information through keywords and typing, voice search was developed using artificial intelligence technologies to deal with these issues. And the smart thing about this system is, virtual assistants actually listen to what we don’t say instead of what we say, making search results more specific and relevant.

To make the most out of voice search, you need to understand that what works with conventional search won’t necessarily be the same for voice search, but one similar thing is that you can use this type of search with SEO. 

Reasons you should optimize voice search for SEO

1. Improve user search experience

Customer service and user experience are some of the biggest factors that contribute to your business’s growth. With voice search, queries from users are performed rapidly, naturally, and efficiently. 

For example, if you’re cooking pasta and need some instructions on how to cook it al dente, you can activate your voice search functions without even having to pick up your phone and stop doing your tasks. And with proper SEO optimization, your users will find specific and relevant answers right away.

2. Can adapt to new generations

Millennials and post-Millenials have a different consumption habit compared to Baby Boomers. According to reports, many Millennials use virtual assistants and voice search to help them find specific products, services, and information in a much quicker way. 

This voice search function isn’t only helpful for Millennials but is also practical for older generations. For example, if your business is a restaurant, people of all ages will be able to find your business online, especially when your business is voice search-optimized for local SEO.

3. Technology will keep on developing

There are several virtual assistants in the market today, and it’s only wise to adjust to these technological changes and make sure your business can continue to ride the same wave. 

When you optimize your voice search for SEO, your products and services will be recommended by search engines, improving your online ranking and visibility. This will ultimately boost your clientele list and eventually increase your sales and website traffic. 


Advancements in the digital world won’t be stopping any time soon; in fact, more engineers and developers are finding ways to make things easier and more convenient for users. And one of the best developments they’ve done is voice search. 

By incorporating your knowledge on local SEO practices and optimizing your voice search by working with the best SEO company, you’ll be able to maximize the use of voice search and watch your business grow in the online marketplace. 

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