The concept of voice search isn’t really much of an attention-seeker, given that most people still type or tap when researching specific topics online. However, it does not mean that it isn’t gaining traction in the long run, and neither does that mean that its development is reliant on the public’s recognition of it.

As a matter of fact, the year 2022 brings many innovations regarding voice search trends, and the following examples are just a few of the things you must watch out for.

1. Voice Devices Will Be On the Rise.

While voice search devices aren’t anything new, it is safe to say that people will be more comfortable using AI devices, especially given that many voice assistants are compatible with a wide variety of platforms.

2. Voice Assistants Will Be More Relatable.

The way voice assistants are made to sound is in such a way that they sound like humans, but they are still very difficult to interact with. In the year 2022, however, voice assistants will be chattier, with a better understanding of the users’ language and a lively personality.

3. Voice Search Will Switch to Conversational Mode.

In the year 2022, users will still use words to ask queries, but the way they get there will be different. This is also because of the way developers design voice search tools that are more conversational in nature.

4. Voice Search Will Get Better at Contextualizing.

Interpreting voice will be almost as easy as typing. Some of the contextualizing that voice assistants can do includes showing each other the right answer when a wrong answer is fed to them. People can also ask for the right answer to a question, and a collection of machines will resolve this.

5. Voice Search Will Be a Part of a Unified Platform.

The fact that phone manufacturers are still making their own versions of voice search is more of a vulnerability than a benefit. In 2022, however, the process will be more unified, and the user can easily switch from one device to another.

6. Voice Search Will Still Be Familiar.

This doesn’t mean that people should worry about technology changing. Voice search has been around for a long time, and as such, it will keep on being used as many people think that it is a convenient way of looking stuff up.

7. Voice Search Will Be Better at Customizing.

This is still very early in the year 2022, but it is not really a big deal at all. After all, one of the ways that voice search devices can be more familiar is through voice customization, which can be as simple as changing the speed at which a voice assistant turns out answers. Some people may also create their own voice assistants.

8. The Use of Speech-to-Text Tool Will Increase.

While it isn’t really significant, voice-to-text tools will be more useful in 2022. This is because it will allow users to dictate the answers instead of typing them out.


It may seem like the year 2022 will just be another stepping stone in the history of voice search trends, but it will also be a game-changer. As a matter of fact, the world can look forward to having a lot more choices for the kinds of devices people will use to acquire the information they need and the other possible ways they may get it.

Alas, the voice search revolution is indeed something to look forward to!

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