Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has risen to become one of the most effective online marketing strategies over the years. It involves thorough keyword research and application of the set of keywords into your other strategies. Keywords are vital to every online marketing campaign, with the majority of consumers using these words or phrases to find quick solutions to their problems. 

What Changed?

Google continuously updates its system to ensure that they provide excellent customer experience. For this reason, such updates bring changes to algorithms that affect websites, which is why online marketing is continuously evolving to keep up with these updates. 

If you look at it from a bigger perspective, it’s not merely the search engines that are changing, but it’s how people search that is changing. As a result, search engines follow suit to adhere to the changes and guarantee excellent user experience, which is where voice search comes in. 

The Rise Of Voice Search

In recent years, voice search has grown in popularity in line with the rise of digital assistants and mobile searches that are now taking voice search mainstream. With this, you will now find a voice search option on major platforms. 

What makes this technology attractive to many users today is that they make processes simpler than the “traditional” way of searching online. Voice search allows for conversational speech combined with the additional features that digital assistants have. Clearly, it’s no surprise that experts predict that 50% of searches will be done via voice this year. 

Now, as a business owner or a digital marketer, you need to start optimizing for voice search because this isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Instead, with consumer demands continually changing, voice search technology will only advance further in the years to come. 

Voice search optimization must be a part of your online marketing strategy if you want to capture your target audience’s attention. As much as possible, your website should be optimized for the most used digital assistants today, namely Alexa, Siri, and Echo. 

Keep in mind that search engines work harder to provide a user with relevant information regarding their queries in this technology. With that, short words become less important, which puts long-tail keywords under the spotlight. 


It is undeniable that voice search is here to stay and will most likely be a part of future innovations. Due to the simplicity and convenience it brings, consumers will use it more compared to the conventional way of searching on search engines. For this reason, if you want your business to thrive online, you need to adapt to these changes and make voice search optimization a part of your digital marketing strategy. 

Keep in mind that search engines will continuously adapt to how people search, and they will pay attention to websites that have frequent updates and provide users with the most relevant information.

Fortunately, such optimizations don’t have to be tedious, as this is not an entirely new concept. Some tweaks on your SEO must be done, but most of the online marketing strategies today are already ready for voice search. Yet, this means that you don’t have to make any life-changing steps and alter your digital tactics because some minor tweaks are needed to keep up with the new ways people search. 

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