It’s all about taking convenience and efficiency to the next level, and in this digital-driven world, technological innovations continue to shake up the landscape at breakneck speed. Siri was one of the first virtual assistants that were voice-activated, revolutionizing how people interacted with mobile devices since its introduction in 2011. 

The First Queries On Voice Search Technology 

Siri was the face of what was to come, followed suit by its kissing cousin from Amazon Alexa, but the first signs of speech recognition dated back to 1952 called the Audrey system. It was nothing more than a novelty that wowed first-time users, but its potential was limited and easy to overlook. 

There has always been a curiosity for voice recognition technology, but it’s only in recent years that it has integrated itself as a necessity in everyday life. 

As improvements were made through the years, the ability to seamlessly interact with smartphones and use speech for searching quickly became a game-changer, especially in the world of digital marketing. 

Seeing The Potential Of Voice Search Today 

Gone are the days when Alexa and Siri were for side entertainment. Currently, voice technologies push the industry forward as new voice-controlled, intelligent hardware like Google Home and Apple HomePod are becoming part of the norm. 

Businesses and tech giants alike are looking to leverage the wave of changes it brought, and in this saturated marketplace, it’s no surprise that experts are already finding unique ways to keep up with the sudden consumer demand. 

Over 34 million smart speaker devices were sold in the U.S. alone, while 2019 spiked to 36 million, and finally, a projection of 76 million sales this 2020. The need for voice search technology is skyrocketing by the minute, and part of the most significant changes involves marketing. 

The Future Of Voice Search Technology In Local Search And SEO 

There’s no doubt that most people who have access to the internet use it to search for products or services, which is why businesses of every scale use digital solutions to establish a reputable presence online. 

SEO is one of the many digital marketing functions that aim to help your brand reach the top of search results to gain more traffic, but now, the setup is changing again. Voice search has dramatically changed the game for local searches as people would ask Google for “near me” results, making it a crucial addition to your SEO strategy.

The Bottom Line: The Role Of Voice Search In The Future Of SEO 

Voice search technology is catapulting on top of the workforce as one of the latest marketing necessities, one that can give businesses that capitalize on local searches a competitive edge. 

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