Voice search optimization invokes a different type of search engine action because it considers the whole phrase when crawling out into the vast reaches of the world wide web to bring you your answers in the form of optimized search results. There is a slightly different SEO game when an actual voice is used for getting specific information, including an emphasis on local SEO.

Creating SEO strategies for voice may sound new to some, but it’s become a hot trend in optimization from a once seemingly niche specialty market. Voice SEO and mobile phone combinations can now be studied for direct voice searches through their microphones and translated as a different format for analyzing new SEO questions and keyword combinations.

Let’s check into more detail of what and how voice searches are changing results in a more interesting way than the regular dynamics of written or typed search behaviors.

How Voice Search Results Will Differ

Eighty-eight percent of customers doing voice searches on their phones actually go to the location to buy. As more people embrace the total convenience of voice searches, new adaptive measures are being included to use voice search marketing strategies. This style of searching creates different search results because of the combination of words.

One of the unintended effects of these keywords and the whole question or search string being used is it reaches the front page top position or position 0 of the search page on Google. It is technically a top position box that features the phrase search string as a quick shortcut glance to present the most common phrase used to search with the main keyword or keywords, and this snippet or phrase usually becomes the most common search phrase due to the same “command” format of searching using the voice.

Combining Voice SEO Optimization and Local SEO

There are usually three main parts when a full question is asked about a product:
The location (Where), the nature of the product or service (can I buy or can I rent, or have), and the product or service itself. In some cases, the searcher will ask with additional keywords, in the beginning, to specify the search options, such as “Google, where can I” or “Google, show me where,” followed by the rest of the question search string.

We have to remember that about 46 percent of Google search activities will target local businesses, and local SEO plays a major role in these combinations. Usually, the first part of the question is location-specific. This calls upon Google to present what is the local SEO equivalent or answer to the whole question, with all the nearest locations offering the product or service. When comparing voice searches to text searches, the text-only keywords are truncated down to their basics: It is either “product,” “service,” or “brand” followed by “specific location” or a shorter or longer combination of other words. 

Targeting Voice SEO

Adapting to this new format of asking with voice SEO and keywords needs adjustments to leverage its direct results, preferably winning that suddenly sought-after default top spot of the position 0 feature box on the Google search results page.

You will have to include keywords in the structural form of questions and asking phrases for your local listings to adjust and harness these voice searches. In addition to this, your content has to include a direct answer to some of the most simple yet commonly asked questions relating to your search terms and keywords, and you can apply them to your content to win bigger shares by using different sets of keywords.


Many phone users do searches using their voice, and this creates new combinations and dynamics in SEO and search results. It ties in local SEO keywords to present the most convenient answers at the nearest locations. It has inadvertently created a subgenre of SEO that can be optimized to hit upper search results, including position 0, the high ranking feature box at the top of search results in Google.

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