Nearly 46% of all searches are for local businesses, meaning many people are actively looking for products and services near them. Local SEO is an essential part of digital marketing for many businesses.

If you’re a local business with a storefront, local people will likely walk or drive by to make a purchase. To be visible to them in the various search engines, you need to optimize your site to appear in local searches, especially voice searches.

The same goes for local SEO as regular SEO. This blog post will shed light on how you can use the voice search option to your full advantage.

Invaluable Voice Search SEO Strategies to Improve Rankings

1 – Optimize for Local Searches

A good way to get better rankings in voice searches is to optimize your site for local audiences. These can be specific searches that target local products, services and businesses.

When you optimize for local searches, you create a more detailed profile for your website in the SERPs so that Google can display local results.

2 – Use the Correct Site Structure

Next, the structure of your site should be easily adaptable to voice-search results. This allows Google to know exactly what your site is about, which will make it appear higher in the SERPs.

A good site structure should use a combination of basic HTML elements, like headers, links and bold text. This also makes text more searchable and voice-friendly.

3 – Integrate Google My Business

When it comes to local SEO, Google My Business is a great resource for search engine visibility. With more than one billion monthly US users, this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Google My Business allows you to create a profile and show up in searches. This, however, isn’t enough to rank you in voice search results.

The best way to optimize for local voice searches is to create a detailed profile and verify your business’ location. This gives Google more information to display your profile in voice search results.

4 – Create Schema

Schema is a markup language that can be used to inform Google of the content on your site. This is a great way to boost your SEO and make sure your content is easily indexed.

Schema can be utilized for local content, which can be crucial for helping Google know what is important on your site.

Technically, Schema is also another way to make your site more voice-friendly. This is because it allows Google to display your content in rich snippets.

5 – Optimize your Site for Mobile

The most important fact to know about voice search SEO is that it is predominantly conducted on mobile devices. And considering how mobile-first search is outgrowing desktop searches, it is even more important to optimize your site for mobile.

Mobile-first SEO doesn’t mean you can’t get any traffic from desktop searches. It just means mobile devices are the priority. This is because more people search on mobile devices than on laptops or desktops.


Voice search is all about convenience, faster, more precise search queries and fewer mistakes. When it comes to local and mobile SEO, voice search allows you to get even more traffic from the search engines.

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