Voice search is becoming more popular for finding and purchasing new things. To avoid losing potential leads for your eCommerce business, voice search should be included in your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

It is a voice-activated search that is powered by artificial intelligence or AI. Let’s say you’re an eCommerce business owner and want to sell your product to the customer. You can use this search type to “buy your product” or “buy product A.”

That said, it is essential to note that voice search is different from traditional search engine optimization. In the case of voice search, you have to come up with a different strategy to optimize your products.

The use of voice search is increasing, enabling us to interact with things more intuitively with the help of technology. The best part is that it is pretty easy to use. We can’t stress it enough that it is crucial to incorporate voice search optimization in your eCommerce business. 

Here are a few tips to make sure that your business gets its fair share of voice search traffic:

1. Enhance Site Speed

Page speed is essential for both traditional searches and voice searches. People want quick answers, and if your site and pages are slow, they may just go elsewhere. If your page loads slowly, search engines won’t be able to get to the information they need quickly, so that they won’t give your site a high rank. 

2. Target position 0

You’ve probably heard of position 0, also known as the featured snippet if you’re currently optimizing for SEO. When users conduct searches, Google will attempt to pull relevant information and display it in a box at the top of the search results. This box contains a quick response to someone’s question.

Position 0 is the goal of SEO to get your business featured at the top. This increases traffic to your page and allows you to generate more valuable leads. The featured snippet is essential not only for SEO but also for voice search.

3. Write E-Commerce Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are among the essential elements to get noticed in voice search. Product descriptions give a brief about a product and its features.

You can use a keyword in your product description, adding a different keyword for each product. For example, if you’re selling an iPhone, you can use a keyword like “buy iPhone X” or “iPhone X for sale.”

4. Know FAQs

FAQs (frequently asked questions) and answers are essential to voice search optimization. To optimize FAQs, you have to optimize the keywords in the FAQs.

You can optimize this by adding questions and answers that potential customers will ask, and you can answer them. For example, if you’re selling a TV, you can say that your TV is available in different sizes. Then, you can say that your TV is available in different colors like blue, red, and yellow.

5. Use Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are important for voice search optimization. It allows you to give more information about your website.

In traditional SEO, we use Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords to optimize SEO. Similarly, you can use Rich snippets to add more information about your website. Rich snippets are HTML tags that help to make your website richer.


Voice search optimization is a new way to search. It is yet to be fully adopted by users, but we can expect it to become a mainstream trend and bring significant benefits to eCommerce businesses.

Knowing how to optimize your website is essential to ensure you get the maximum benefit from this new trend. You need to optimize your website and business strategy to take advantage of voice search.

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