As smart technology advances, businesses that rely on local search traffic can take advantage of this chance to reach their customers and answer their questions. Companies need a practical local SEO strategy to connect with local consumers. Businesses must stay up-to-date with local search trends in this voice-driven search environment.

The Rise in Voice Search Use

There is a clear trend of people preferring to use voice search because it is faster and more convenient than typing. Humans can speak 150 words per minute, whereas typing only averages 40 words per minute. In addition, voice search is hands-free and instant, and it is becoming more reliable.

One of the reasons voice search is becoming more popular is because the accuracy of voice recognition has improved. In the US, the adoption of voice search increased from 30 to 65 percent between 2013 and 2015. The improvement in technology is cited by many as a motivating factor for its usage.

When voice search was first introduced, it wasn’t very accurate. The voice recognition software wasn’t great, and the accuracy rate was less than 80 percent. This made the service complex and uninteresting. However, today Google’s word accuracy rate has exceeded 90 percent.

How Users Use Voice Search

We all use voice search differently from a typical search box. With a voice search, we tend to use conversational queries that are longer, clearer, and more direct. Most voice searchers prefer to use natural language to find information instead of keywords. And that makes a difference.

Voice search queries are usually conversational, and this question is no exception. It requires a lot of analytical processes to provide the right solution. As technology advances, online marketers and business entrepreneurs must focus on incorporating voice-based strategies into their marketing strategies.

Local SEO Google Search

Influencer and content marketing are two essential aspects of a successful local SEO strategy. Find opportunities to leverage influencers in your industry to help improve your brand’s visibility and search ranking on Google.

Make sure your local business provides good experiences people will want to discuss. This way, when they talk about it using the informal, conversational language that voice search relies on, you’re more likely to show up.

Why Integrate Voice Search Into Your Local Strategy

Making sure your business is easily found is a key part of any local SEO strategy. This means ensuring your business is visible in as many places as possible.

You should take advantage of every opportunity to spread your brand’s local identity. Sponsor local events, participate in causes, host contests, and speak at local events. By doing so, you’ll be top of mind when potential customers are looking for businesses like yours.

For every location, it’s ideal for creating a high-converting landing page. Primarily, optimize the landing page for people in that geographical location. This is important. By doing this, you’ll be able to run ads targeting people close enough to visit your restaurant or call your phone number.

Even if users turn off their location tracking software, don’t worry. Google still follows them to determine their location, so you’ll still be able to serve them near me search results.


Voice search is not a trend anymore. It is a growing, developing technology that will continue to impact how people interact with the internet.

As Google and other major search engines continue to focus on strengthening their voice search capabilities, businesses need to understand what their customers want. It is time for local online marketers to get creative and keep up with the changing times.

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