Most companies nowadays rely on digital marketing to get more customers. Among the many digital marketing methods, one of the most effective ones is search engine optimization (SEO), which uses keywords to target users. However, the digital landscape is rapidly changing, which means more innovations in existing practices. For SEO, this comes in the form of voice search optimization.

Voice search optimization is optimizing content for the use of voice commands. Just as users type in the keywords, they are looking to get the results they want, and users can say these keywords instead. This means that the keywords you use for SEO have to have a voiced counterpart. However, many businesses are yet to jump on the trend, which could be the next big thing.

If you have reservations about utilizing voice search optimization, this article will discuss how it can transform your business.

How Voice Search Optimization Works

While the gist of voice search is simply saying keywords, it goes deeper than that. It looks at the context of your inquiry and tries to match it with the best keyword that it can. For instance, if you say “Nike,” it will try to identify if you’re searching for the brand or the type of shoes. This feature is called intent detection.

Typically, intent detection is done through neural networks or a computer system that can learn and improve itself over time. However, this isn’t set in stone as other companies like Google are still testing various algorithms. Once a match is found, the search results will then be shown, with the top results shown to users.

Voice search optimization isn’t that much different from traditional keyword optimization. The point is to make content more accessible—an essential aspect of SEO. Like how foot traffic depends on how easily people can find a business, so is it with voice search. If you make your content more accessible to users, you can entice more people to come to your business.

Using Conversational Keywords

Content for voice search optimization is based on a set of keywords. However, these keywords are not just keywords. They are keywords that are said conversationally.

You might be wondering how to go about doing this. The simplest way is to use the exact keywords in your content, but you need to modify how you say them. This can be done through a conversational tone, pauses, or changes in your tone, depending on the keywords.

There’s no set way to present your content, but you should be mindful of the keywords you want to target. You should also keep in mind how voice search optimization works and intent detection. These two factors will help you write more compelling content.

Creating Persona-Based Content

With voice search optimization, you need a different content strategy. You can’t just focus on what keywords to use; you have to focus on your target audience.

Your content should be catered to your target persona or the personality of your ideal customer. While traditional keyword optimization focuses on the intent of the keyword, your content should focus on the person using the keyword. If you’re trying to target a specific persona, you’ll have to create persona-based content with voice search optimization.

When marketing your business, the persona will help you construct a message you can use to reach out to your target market. It will also help you identify the resources you need to use for your content. You might have to research to create your content, and in some cases, you might have to include physical elements, such as pamphlets or even promo materials. Regardless, the persona will help you create more compelling content.

Answering Questions

As opposed to keyword optimization, where the focus is on creating content based on the search query, voice search optimization approaches it from a different perspective. Your content should answer a particular question that a user might have.

This means that you shouldn’t just include a keyword; you should include the answer to a question that your target customer might have. By addressing a particular query, you can better cater to a customer’s needs. This allows you to have a more direct connection with your users and can help you stand out from your competitors.


Voice search optimization is still relatively new to the SEO world, but it can help your business tremendously. By working on your content strategy, you can create more compelling content for your business. Even if you have content optimized for keyword searches, you should constantly update your content to cater to voice search optimization to ensure that you won’t get left behind.

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