It’s undeniable that eCommerce has forever changed the way consumers shop. Every day, new eCommerce stores pop up, each trying to be more innovative and user-friendly than the others. 

One of the trends that we see today is voice search. It shouldn’t be surprising given how popular virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are today. 

In this two-part post, we are going to take a closer look at how the voice search trend will transform eCommerce’s future:

What Is Voice Search?

Voice search is a more natural form of interacting with a search engine. So, rather than typing your request on a keyboard, you simply need to speak your query aloud. 

If you’re old enough, you may remember the pre-Google search engine days when people would search for information by typing on a keyboard. This is where voice search differs from that pre-Google search system. The latter is based on data entry. However, you simply need to speak your question with a voice search, and the device will respond.

How Does Voice Search Work?

Voice search systems use natural language processing (NLP) to interpret and respond accurately to voice queries. To know what it means by natural language processing, let’s take the help of an example.

Say you want to buy a new watch and you want it to be an automatic black watch, has a leather strap, and costs less than $300. When you use voice search to find a watch you described, it will search online, bring you the options you asked for, and give you the price of each.

NLP is what makes this possible. It allows virtual assistants to listen to your voice and process your voice query regardless of the words and phrases you choose to use. So, even if you say something like, “I want to buy a new watch that doesn’t cost much and is automatic,” your virtual assistant will still be able to recognize what you mean.

Importance of Voice Search for eCommerce

It Offers a More Personalized Shopping Experience

If you could speak your search query out loud instead of typing it into the search engine, wouldn’t you prefer that?

Voice search is a more natural form of interacting with a search engine. So, rather than typing your request on a keyboard, you simply need to speak your query aloud. This intuitive way of interacting with a search engine is more natural and personal.

The more personal, the more targeted and relevant your search results will be.

It Makes Reviewing Easier

If you enjoy reading and writing product reviews, you’d agree that writing them can be a real pain. When you have to write a review on an online store, you have to dig up your old receipts, take clear photos, and more. It’s incredibly time-consuming, and sometimes, it gets to the point when it’s a real struggle.

Voice search makes reviewing easier because you can get the job done in less than a minute. Why? Because you simply need to record your voice and let the virtual assistant do the rest.

It’s More Time-Efficient

In a fast-paced world like ours, time is everything. We’re all looking for ways to save time, and voice search does precisely that. You can find answers and shop to your heart’s content with voice search.

It Allows Smart Shopping

By using voice search, you don’t need to click through all the product pages. You can simply ask the virtual assistant to show you the best deals. This way of shopping saves you lots of time, letting you get back to more important things in life.


As you can see, it’s evident that voice search is and will continue to make huge changes in the eCommerce industry. The advantages it offers make voice search something that consumers happily welcome. 

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