The Internet and new technologies are intertwined with each other, meaning you have to do what it takes to ensure you know its implications on your online image. One of the most recent developments to watch out for is voice search technology, a convenient way for Internet users to browse the web. But what exactly are the relevant statistics which make this feature a concern in marketing in the near future? 

This article will discuss voice search and the relevant trends that define its prominence and commercial success among online users. Take this as an opportunity to ensure your investments in your website are worthwhile and can garner the attention you need to boost credibility online. This way, you can stay on top of the search ranking and maintain maximum visibility. 

How Did Voice Search Become an Important Feature for Users? 

When Google introduced voice search in 2011, it was an interesting feature to have on the search engine. It wasn’t taken seriously by users until the voice recognition technology began to fill in gaps. For instance, it would be easier to use voice search to find relevant information online while doing house chores simultaneously. 

Voice search continues to be an essential part of daily life, as studies show that more than half of smartphone users use it. As a result, more businesses are taking notice of voice search queries as a lead towards acquiring products and services, which can be better appreciated through the following statistics: 

What Are the Rising Trends for Voice Search That I Should Be Aware of? 

You must find ways to incorporate voice search into your own website if you want to keep your strong relationships with your customers or clients. Note the following trends to see how you can position your content, search engine optimization (SEO), and website design: 

  • The rise of smark speakers to drive up voice search use in households

Many homes often cannot proceed with their daily tasks without the assistance of the Internet. For example, parents need to do a quick search to answer their children’s questions about homework or relevant services to work on their schooling issues. Because of this, more smart speakers, like Google Home, Alexa, and Apple HomePod, became more prominent. In effect, you can tailor your site to meet the needs of a typical family or within the home setting. 

  • Voice queries for local and hyperlocal products and services

If you have been building your online image for a long time, then you may know the importance of having an effective local SEO strategy to bolster lead generation and confirmed purchases due to you or your business being within proximity of your target customer or client. 

It turns out that voice searching can be just as helpful with local and hyperlocal searches, as Google finds that more “near me” queries have increased in search results. Advertisements can even target local users through a set geographic area within a one-block radius for hyper-targeted marketing. As a result, more local businesses have become more successful in generating profits and expanding their services. 


While voice search is gaining popularity as an effective marketing tool, it’s not merely a one-off trend to dismiss. You must have a deep understanding of its implications to your brand image online and find ways to outrank your competitors. So consider all the previously mentioned data and find ways to boost your search engine rankings today! 

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