27% of worldwide online users use voice search on mobile devices to perform online searches. Just a few of the many voice search applications are Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. How does this affect SEO? Read on to learn how SEO is impacted by voice search and how businesses should react.

Voice Search: What It Is and How Is It Affecting SEO?

Voice search is a type of search that relies on a person speaking a query (i.e., question) into a mobile device or computer device. The device then processes the spoken query into written text, returning a search engine query. This is unique to voice search because it provides a different method of interaction between the user and the search engine and between the user and the internet.

Local Search

Voice search is perfectly suited for local businesses seeking to optimize their SEO. This is because voice search requires an exact location, which means a local business can receive higher rankings by using its physical location. This is opposed to online search, where the business’s location is not a factor.

Length of Keywords

Another way voice search is different from online search is the length of its keywords. This is because voice search only requires one or two words to complete a query. Online search requires a longer keyword, usually three or more words, in order to complete a search.

Structured Data

Since voice search works best with structured data, it is a great way to optimize your SEO. Structured data is data organized in a certain manner in order to be machine-readable and easily searchable. It is essential for a structured mark-up to be included in your website’s coding so that search engines can easily read and index it. The main benefit of structured data is that it enables the use of rich search results with clearer, more accurate data.


Since voice search is ideal for local businesses, any company selling locally should adopt this form of search engine optimization. Users conduct voice searches by saying the name of a business and its physical location. This is particularly useful for businesses operating in a crowded market, as it enables them to overcome the challenges of competition and gain an advantage over their rivals.

User Experience

Voice search is not just a new way of searching; and it’s also a new way of interacting. It is a better experience for the user because it presents data in a form that allows them to naturally make decisions.


Voice search is here, and it is here to stay. It is not just a fad or trend, and it is a way of life. It is a new form of search engine that is different from traditional search and affects SEO in a different way than traditional search. However, the basic tenets of SEO still apply. It is still important to optimize your SEO and build a sturdy digital marketing campaign to ensure that you are in the best position to succeed.

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