Technology keeps getting better and smarter over the years. One of the major developments that have happened in recent years is voice search.

Voice search technology allows consumers to look for your products, get information about your brand, and make a purchase. Because of this rapid technological advancement and the benefits it provides your business, it’s great to integrate this into your business. If you want to incorporate this to your brand, your eCommerce website must be optimized for voice search to get you ahead of the pack and increase your SEO rankings. 

This article will share everything you need to know about voice search technology and how it can affect your eCommerce SEO. 

What does voice search do?

Voice search technology, such as Alexa, Siri, and Cortana, have found their way to eCommerce spaces. In the beginning, voice searches were used to look and open certain applications, send a message, make a call, and even set an alarm. Recently, however, eCommerce platforms have integrated this feature to make a consumer’s life easier. Websites like Amazon and Google realized the effectiveness of voice search and have introduced this feature to their platforms. 

When you integrate voice SEO in eCommerce, you enable customers to purchase your products and services through a voice assistant. This happens in a series of steps: you search for a product through the voice-assistant, get information, and purchase it. 

What makes voice SEO different from semantic search?

ECommerce sellers usually use third-person search terms and keywords when they optimize their web and landing pages. However, with voice SEO, it changes the way you use keywords and learns more conversational English. This development is remarkable because it allows you to use long-tail keywords when looking for products and services, making results more specific and targeted to your brand.

For example, if you’re on your laptop and need to search for specific products, you might just type “best headphones Amazon.” However, if you use voice search, you’ll say something colloquial, like “what are the best headphones on Amazon?” or “what headphones should I buy on Amazon?”. These types of searches will affect both the eCommerce and voice SEO of your company, which can significantly improve your visibility and SEO ranking because of the keywords used in voice search. 

How do I use voice SEO?

1. Prioritize fulfillment speed

The reason your customers aren’t typing their searches and using voice search instead is for the speed. Speaking through your phone and looking for information is much easier than typing keywords on your search box. Once they find your product, they’ll immediately want to purchase them. Because of this, you want to make sure that the fulfillment of orders through voice search in your eCommerce SEO is speedy. 

When your fulfillment speed is high, you increase your SEO ranking on search engines and boost your online presence in eCommerce websites. Additionally, your sales increase when you offer quick services and processing because your product is placed in the limited slots for voice search results. 

2. Don’t sleep on Amazon Prime

One of the recommended eCommerce websites that most voice search engines use is Amazon, and sometimes, voice search assistants can be quite picky. For example, Amazon Prime, one of the leading eCommerce websites, only appears at Alexa’s recommendations. 

Depending on where you are, your company’s capabilities, size, and location, it’s best to consider using an FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) or Seller-Fulfilled prime. This will help you qualify for Prime shipping and get you on the ranks and recommendations of Alexa. 

3. Don’t ignore your category ranking

Most of what voice search assistants recommend are products that are the top choice in their category. It’s a good idea to improve your category ranking by checking if you’re in a relevant category, boost your reviews and promotions, and increase your sales velocity and conversion rate. 


Technology will continually grow, and you and your company need to hop on to any relevant trends to improve your visibility and sales. Voice SEO is picking up speed, and if you focus on optimizing your business for voice search, you’ll get ahead of the game and ultimately be on top of the recommendation list. Working with an SEO company can help you understand voice SEO more and help you reach your sales goals and SEO ranking. 

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