Many people today depend on digital assistants like Siri and Alexa to provide them with the information they need instantly. Reports show that 20% of all consumers use voice search technology for online shopping. 

Most tech giants today integrate voice recognition technologies in their operating systems. Now, almost every smartphone has voice search capabilities, and its convenience is one of the reasons many consumers prefer to do a voice search instead of tapping away on their screens.

In this post, Local SEO Pro is going to dive deeper into voice search and voice recognition, and why these are the new SEO tactics marketers need to focus on: 

Voice Search Is Growing Bigger Than Ever – Here’s Why

It Is Faster and Easier to Do a Voice Search 

Speaking is still the most natural mode of communication, so it’s not surprising that users deem voice search assistants easier to use than typing. This speed and convenience have boosted voice search’s growth in the field of digital marketing. If your content is still not optimized for voice search, you need to seek the help of a trusted digital marketer who can help you with that. 

Voice Search Is Perfect for Mobile

Another great thing about voice search is that it is mobile-friendly. A recent report showed that  6 in 10 searches are now done on mobile devices, making it clear that consumers prefer to use their smartphones to search for information or products. Because smartphones have smaller screens, typing is still a little tricky. It is so much easier to use voice search.

Voice Search Is Multilingual

Google and other companies have worked on making sure their tech has multilingual abilities, making voice search even more convenient for non-English speaking users. Google voice search assistant, for one, can speak over 30 languages. 

How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Now that you know what a big role voice search now plays in the way consumers search for products, services, and information online, here are some of the ways you can optimize your web content:

Use a More Natural Language in Your Content

One of the most important voice search SEO strategies is the use of natural language in your content. Because users speak naturally to do their searches, you have to make sure that your content is presented that way, too. You can’t optimize for fragmented keywords and instead incorporate long-tailed ones that sound conversational.

Provide Rich Answers

Google’s featured snippets are for content that offers users quick and rich answers. That means you should always consider value when creating your content. Does it answer what the users would be asking? Will it be able to give fact-based information in easy-to-read and understand “chunks”? 

Make Sure You’re Mobile-Friendly

As a business, you need to deliver a memorable mobile user experience. Since most people are using their mobile devices for searches, you want to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly with your content visible and your mobile website easy to crawl for search engines.


As voice search becomes even more popular, it presents businesses with an opportunity to use it to get their top products and services right in front of their target audiences. If you want to get more traffic and ultimately get more conversions, you have to leverage voice recognition tech and voice search to get the results you want. 

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