Artificial intelligence (AI) software is not as far off into the future as you may think. In fact, it is already being used in the customer service industry through the integration of multilingual chatbots and voice assistants.

Multilingual chatbots and voice assistants provide customers with a personalized customer service experience without needing to visit a store or location. According to research, 70% of people will use voice assistants and chatbots instead of visiting stores by 2022. 

Integrating voice search optimization into your site also makes your business more accessible to these voice searches. 

In this article, we will run you through the benefits of this AI-based software and how you can take advantage of embracing this technology.

Improved Engagement

The quality of AI-based technology for chatbots and voice assistants has drastically improved throughout the years. This improved quality has encouraged customers to be more willing to engage with chatbots and voice assistants.

A commonly seen example is the satisfied interactions of customers who use voice assistants such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa for search queries and smart tasks. From the 61 percent satisfaction rate in 2017, this went up to 72 percent in 2019.

Automated Customer Service 

Businesses across various industries, such as hospitality, tourism, finance, and healthcare, have started to take advantage of this AI-based technology to improve their customer service. 

With it becoming more commonplace and accessible, consumers now have a favorable view of AI-based technology and associate chatbots with a higher level of customer service. This is especially true as these chatbots and voice assistants allow a business to be of service 24/7.

Customer service is now made more efficient and automated as important information and requests can now be handled within a shorter period. This not only streamlines the service but also reduces costs.

Application of AI-Based Technology

Chatbots and voice assistants can manage several routine tasks for various industries such as:

  • In the banking industry, up to 90 percent of customer interactions and routine processes can be done through chatbots so the workers can focus on more complex or value-added tasks.
  • In retail, chatbots can improve marketing and sales by providing a more personalized interaction for customers.
  • Airline companies can take advantage of multilingual chatbots or voice assistants to serve international markets.

The Challenge

Although they come with various benefits, there are still limitations to this AI-based technology.  The biggest challenge is the ability of these applications to understand and respond to inquiries in a timeline manner.

Before they can provide output, AI chatbots and voice assistants need to understand how users speak and write. Given that language is fluid and changing, it can be challenging to develop AI-based technology that genuinely understands what is being asked for.

This is where quality assurance tests play a vital role in detecting bugs and inefficiencies. These tests ensure that the chatbots and voice assistants can execute the actions expected from them successfully.


Integrating AI technology through chatbots and voice assistants is a big game-changer in the customer service industry. While it may not be perfect, it is constantly improving and is foreseen to grow further in the future.

Besides applying this AI technology to your business, you can take advantage of this change by making sure your business is optimized with chatbots and for voice searches.

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