It’s 2022, and voice search is on the rise. The question is: how can businesses optimize their online presence for voice search and outpace the competition?

We’ll show you what you need to do to improve your SEO strategy for voice search down below.

Know What Questions are Being Asked By Your Target Audience

Users typically ask inquiries while using voice search. The goal of voice search optimization is to provide content that answers people’s queries.

Businesses might begin optimizing by identifying queries for which they already rank. Google removes voice search responses from the search engine’s top-ranking sites. Businesses may run a simple search for organic keywords and filter the results using terms such as “what,” “who,” “when,” “why,” and “how.”

A company may discover that it ranks well for particular queries but not others. They could discover that the rivals are ranking for those queries. Remember that when Google returns voice search results, it selects the most thorough and relevant response available. Also, look into questions that no business has yet to address. Take advantage of this chance to reach out to a more focused customer group and ask unanswered questions about the site’s theme.

Prioritize Conversational Language

A big part of what drives voice search is conversational language. People are more likely to use natural language when using voice queries. They will use “whys,” “whens,” and “hows” and other questions with incremental language. This language is not naturally present in the way that websites are developed.

Businesses can develop content to mimic this conversational language. This will help the user feel more comfortable when using the site. Conversational language is also suitable for finding long-tail keyword phrases.

Target Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

Long-tail keyword phrases provide a granular way to search for different topics. These phrases are longer than three words and are applied to a specific product or service.

For example, “what are the best weight loss products” suggests that the user is looking for information on the best products to help lose weight. By using long-tail keywords, businesses can capture specific kinds of information consumers are really looking for.

Google will recommend keywords from users’ queries. They will suggest keywords based on what the user said. Google also recommends keywords that the person did not include in their query. The best keyword phrases for voice search would be long-tail keywords or common questions related to the website’s content.

Conduct a Technical Audit to Identify Potential Issues

Many businesses might not realize that they are not mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly site is optimized for mobile use, and a user should be able to use it comfortably on their phones. Mobile devices are a big part of voice search. People use their mobile devices to conduct voice searches and often prefer mobile experiences to searches on the web.

When considering a search engine’s mobile-friendliness, Google looks at how well a website is coded, specifically how it appears on a mobile device. If a website is not mobile-friendly, Google will not rank it high in voice search results, making it hard to get a top spot on the search engine results list. Want to know how mobile-friendly your website is? Check out Google’s mobile-friendly test page.

It’s also essential to ensure that any content a business has is accessible from all devices. Some businesses create content with a mobile device in mind. A responsive site automatically adjusts to the device being used to access it.


Voice search has become a more critical part of SEO than ever. Though Google Home and Amazon Echo devices have only been popular for a couple of years, the impact of voice search technology on SEO has been felt for the last couple of years.

As voice search grows in popularity, businesses will need to adapt to the new method of searching. These include optimizing content, developing different kinds of content, creating a mobile-friendly site, and ensuring that the site loads quickly.

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