In a highly digitized, dog-eat-world, competition between businesses is increasingly getting fiercer than ever. The internet was once a second thought to professionals, but now, it’s one of the most fundamental lifelines that keeps companies thriving. 

Digital marketing solutions offer a chance wherein start-ups can get their foot in the door to go toe-to-toe with leading enterprises in the industry. Websites are the primary tool, but it’s other efforts like search engine optimization (SEO) that put your brand on the digital map in front of potential customers. 

The Importance of Measuring Success Based on Your SEO Goals 

Seeing as SEO plays a pivotal role in driving traffic to your site and ramping up your revenue, many experts in the field dedicate large amounts of resources to SEO campaigns. However, it’s not something you can set up and hope that it works in your favor in the end. 

Measuring whether your SEO campaigns are succeeding based on your goals is crucial to ascertain whether your resources are allocated effectively, which can impact your bottom line in more ways than one. With that in mind, the list below are some factors that can help you determine whether you are gaining enough ROI from your SEO campaigns: 

Tip #1: Set Up Conversion Tracking 

Staying on top of your conversions can be simplified using Google Analytics, which should help you track all the conversions on your site that boost your profitability. 

Looking into the numbers vary for businesses, but generally, e-commerce stores can accurately measure their exact revenue based on their online transactions.

Lead-based businesses, on the other hand, can see their progress by pulling customer data from the submissions they receive from their site’s lead forms. 

Tip #2: Refresh Your Conversion Rates for Every Analytics Goal

After identifying your conversion rate using Google Analytics, it’s best to pull information that is worth three to six months of historical data for every goal that you want to measure the performance. 

Tip #3: Determine the Value of Each Conversion Goal 

After evaluating the conversion rate for each objective behind your SEO campaigns – be it analyzing your average click-through rate, number of inbound links, quality of traffic, and more – you can have a clearer understanding of its impact by assigning value to your goals.

Adding value to each conversion goal makes it easier to estimate the ROI of your marketing funnel and track the success of your website. 

The Bottom Line: Track Your SEO Performance and Measure Your Success by Looking Into Your ROI 

SEO campaigns are a slow-burning process that takes patience and perseverance before you can feel the fruits of your labor. Even with its pace, it’s best to keep track of your progress one step at a time to see whether you are maximizing your resources. 

Fortunately, the list above explores some of the pillar KPIs that can clue you in on whether your efforts are bringing something valuable to your bottom line. 

Hiring the Right SEO Experts to Catapult Your Progress

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