Currently, you might be working on your website’s SEO, intending to continuously rank your business at the top of search engine results. But over time, your business site seems like it’s not generating enough leads, and potential customers are not finding you. The chances are that there’s something wrong with your SEO approach, or you’ve failed to consider other factors to make it effective. 

Keep in mind that not using SEO can cause you to miss out on a third of potential traffic, and more so if you are not making a conscious effort to improve your SEO optimization. If you think there’s something wrong with your SEO techniques, here are eight effective tips to help increase your website traffic:

1. Improve Your Website Design Experience

Audiences tend to choose a website that has good visuals and design. This is why your website’s visual or interface will affect the exposure time of an audience since it will create an impression that you have competitive and quality products or services. In addition, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly since most of the users today will learn about your business through their mobile devices. It will also help if your website design experience has an outlined strategy to make navigation easier for the users.

2. Optimize Your Website’s Speed

Keep in mind that the speed of your website will highly affect your SEO rankings but will carry less weight than other key ranking factors. Still, if you want to maintain your audience on your website, make sure that it has a quick loading time to avoid increased bounce rates.

3. Avoid Producing Irrelevant Content

Bad content means producing content that has poor keywords that are not relevant to your business. Remember, the point of using keywords is to direct the audience to your website if they search for something on a search engine. For this reason, you must avoid incorporating keywords and producing topics that are not related to your business, as it will confuse your audience. Moreover, Google utilizes machine learning more frequently, and its algorithm focuses on identifying and ranking high-value content.

4. Optimize Your Content

Optimizing your content will depend heavily on your keyword usage, and it speaks to basic search engine optimization. You can increase your SEO traffic by using targeted keywords with your content’s title tag and other areas.

5. Avoid Duplicating Your Content

To achieve SEO-friendly content, keep in mind that your content must be unique and original. Non-unique content is not good for SEO because search engines tend to remove duplicates content to their index since it has nothing new to offer.

6. Make Your Content Accessible

Your content’s accessibility will help make it to the top search engines since it will be easier for Google to index your website content with the use of crawling. If your content can’t be found or is blocked, it will limit the search engine’s ability to crawl and find it.

7. Utilize Inbound Links

Inbound clickable links are very useful to SEO since they can simply refer back to your site, resulting in more website visits and traffic. Moreover, online buyers today interact with content first before making a decision purchase, so utilizing inbound links can lead them to the content within your website.

8. Avoid Bad Links 

Bad links, on the other hand, are those that do not have enough high-value links to rank in Google. These links will damage your ranking if done cheaply and wrongly since competitors can create high-quality websites without the purpose of getting a link but instead for more exposure and recognition. 


Keeping up with SEO will dramatically improve your business ranking in search engines. And being in the top search engines—you can build a broader range of audiences to increase your leads, sales, traffic, and performance. If you want to increase your SEO traffic, you should start double-checking your approach aligned with these factors. 

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