Voice search allows users to surf the web and use voice commands to control their smartphones, smart speakers, and kitchen appliances. As voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri grow more popular each year, you must prepare and optimize your website for voice search.

This article discusses voice search, the four best optimization practices, and how this strategy can benefit your business. 

What Is Voice Search?

The best way to maximize voice search and use it as a part of your optimization strategy is to understand how it works. Voice search is a technique where speech recognition technology converts audio into text. It works by activating our voice assistants by saying “Hey, Google” or “Hey, Alexa” and asking them a question instead of typing it in the search bar.

Modern-day voice command devices go beyond their initial purpose. They are more intuitive and can recognize semantics and intent. 

Today, you can ask your virtual assistant, “Will it rain this weekend?” and it’ll immediately recognize your intent. It’ll understand that you’re referring to the incoming Saturday and Sunday and consider your location to provide you with the local weekend forecast.

4 Best SEO Practices for Voice Search Optimization

Fortunately, optimizing your website for voice search is similar to traditional text search. You can and should also apply the general SEO practices when optimizing your website for voice searches, such as improving your link-building strategy, domain authority, and page load time. 

This section will discuss the four best practices for your voice search optimization strategy. 

1. Use CSS3 or HTML5 Frameworks 

First, voice optimization services recommend using CSS3 or HTML5 frameworks to improve your website’s loading speed, mainly since most voice queries occur on smartphones. 

2. Create a Strategy 

Another tip is to create a strategy and research relevant keywords for your business, depending on your business’s product or services. 

You can use the SEO tools that digital marketing agencies offer to help you find and track relevant keywords and monitor rankings across multiple platforms.

3. Keep Things Conversational

Before starting your voice search optimization strategy, you must remember that voice search has a more conversational tone than traditional search. Voice search optimization services also suggest answering the who, how, what, and where questions and adding FAQ pages to your strategy.

We usually dialogue with our modern-day voice assistants because they are interactive and may even ask a few questions to refine our search, reflecting how people use voice search.

For instance, when we use text search, we’d usually type “vanilla pudding recipe” in the search engine. On the other hand, your target keyword must be “How do I make a vanilla pudding?” for voice search optimization.

4. Optimize Your Voice Strategy According to Location

How you use voice search for your website optimization highly depends on your company’s products or services. However, we recommend optimizing your website for mobile devices to boost your voice search SEO.

Most voice searches occur on mobile, and the majority of these mobile voice searches are location-based queries. Users will usually inquire about local businesses, such as hotels or restaurants, and search for the address, opening hours, and other relevant information.

How Voice Search Can Benefit Your Business

A comprehensive SEO strategy can boost your website’s traffic. Since traditional and voice search goes together, the latter can also increase organic traffic to your website, especially if you own a local business. 

Naturally, the traffic you’ll receive from voice search will also depend on your website’s rankings. Thoroughly optimize your entire before focusing on voice search optimization strategies.

Speaking Up for a Successful Website

Voice search has become a more efficient and engaging way to help users answer their queries. These four voice search optimization practices can help increase your website’s organic traffic. 

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