While ordinary people think of the new year as the perfect time to practice healthier habits, it’s the ideal time for business owners to scale their companies in the ever-evolving digital age. 

Businesses must stay updated with the latest and best SEO practices in 2023 to ensure their website snatches the top spots on the first page of Google search results. They must also remain competitive because search engines and user behavior always change. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on attracting potential customers.

If you want to start a prosperous new year, this article will discuss the six best SEO practices to increase your chances of landing the top spot.

1. Mobile-First Indexing 

As more people use smartphones to access the internet for their school or tasks, businesses must adapt and make their websites suitable for mobile viewing. For this reason, it’s always best to consider mobile-first indexing. 

This SEO practice means Google is shifting its focus to crawling, indexing, and ranking the mobile version of websites. Ultimately, search engines will favor mobile-friendly sites and give them a higher ranking in the search results. 

You can achieve this success by designing a responsive, quick-to-load, and easy-to-use website for small screens.

2. Quality Content 

High-quality and authentic content is the heart of any successful SEO or marketing strategy. This best practice can help attract links to improve rankings, establish a credible reputation, and engage visitors, leading to more website traffic and revenue. 

You can increase your chances of ranking higher by creating original, relevant, and high-quality content for your target audience. Ensure that what you create and publish will meet their needs and interests.

3. SSL Certificates 

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a digital certificate that verifies a website’s identity and provides an encrypted connection between the visitor and the site. Companies and organizations must add SSL certificates to their websites to protect sensitive data and ensure that customer information remains private and secure. It can also help boost your credibility. 

Google suggested that business websites are more likely to rank higher when company owners use this best SEO practice because they favor those who prioritize visitor safety.

4. Structured Data 

This best SEO practice means organizing information on a website in a specific format to help search engines better understand the data’s content and context. It also has different text tags and keywords to categorize and group the data so search engines can accurately retrieve and display relevant results tailored to the user’s search query. 

This information can include product ratings, article authors, and event dates.

5. User Experience 

Google’s utmost priority is to give its users the best web user experience (UX) possible. As such, they’ll carefully evaluate websites to ensure they meet the criteria of an ideal website. A well-structured site must also be easy to navigate, have a logical layout, and have compelling calls to action (CTAs). Moreover, it should have fast loading times and be visually appealing, which can significantly contribute to creating a positive user experience. 

Neglecting this best SEO practice can decrease web traffic, a higher bounce rate, and a lack of accessibility.

6. Voice Search Optimization 

As more people rely on Alexa and Google Home, you must optimize your website for voice search by using phrases people would use to ask questions. Doing this can help them pick up on natural language phrases and long-tail keywords.


The year 2023 offers 365 new chances for businesses to maintain existing and attract more customers. Using the best SEO practices and working with local SEO services can help scale your company effectively. 

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