When a customer is on your website and is curious about your company, products, and services, they’ll most probably have a bunch of questions that they want to ask you. However, it isn’t sustainable and practical to continuously answer repetitive questions daily; that’s why it’s crucial to have a “frequently asked questions” or FAQ page on your website.

Having FAQ sections is incredibly useful for users because it’s a convenient and quick way to find answers to common questions. Not only is it convenient for your customers, but having an FAQ page will also make your team’s lives much easier, allowing them to focus on more substantial tasks rather than focusing on answering repetitive questions. 

Unfortunately, people think that an FAQ page has only one job, and it’s to answer common questions. What many don’t know is that it can also boost your local SEO. 

Are you curious about how an FAQ page can help your SEO? Keep reading. This article will share reasons FAQ pages on your site can be beneficial for your SEO marketing strategy. Let’s get to it!

Helps your site rank organically

Now that search engines are getting better at understanding a searcher’s intent, people’s search habit is changing, and more of them are using long-tail keywords, such as full-sentence questions. 

When you have an FAQ question that matches a searcher’s inquiries, it has the opportunity to rank higher on search engine results. Though FAQ pages won’t deliver much organic search traffic, traffic to these landing pages will focus on a more targeted audience interested in your product and services. 

With the help of SEO platforms like Local SEO Pro, you’ll create effective FAQ content that can drive more people to your website, increase online visibility, and improve your online ranking. 

Can also serve as blog content

The great thing about having a FAQs page is that you can repurpose this page into a blog post and content. When you repurpose an FAQ page into blog content, you allow yourself to explain your answer in more detail, allowing you to focus on different angles on the same topic or question.

Many customers are curious about frequently asked questions; that’s why it makes a good blog post that will generate much attention and traffic. Other than that, it can also encourage interaction in the comments section!

Additional social media content

Although social media doesn’t directly affect search engine algorithms or your online ranking, focusing on social media activity is a fantastic way to build trust around your brand, which could then affect your local SEO efforts. 

When you share frequently asked questions on your social media platforms and embed useful links to help answer these questions, it allows your accounts to be more active, which could drive traffic to your website. 


Having a frequently asked questions page or blog post is extremely important because it won’t only inform your customers about your product and services, but also boost your local SEO results. Now that you know some benefits of having an FAQ page, it’s time to purchase local SEO services, such as those from Local SEO Pro, to create an effective FAQ page that will drive more people to your site and improve your SEO strategies.

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