As a website owner, you’re most likely fixated on the task of getting more and more visits to your webpages.

Whether you’re an online store, information website, or a service-driven one, you’ve most likely had the goal of increasing your daily visits—particularly because of how synonymous higher traffic is with guaranteed growth. With the advent of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), however, this once-simple task eventually grew into a full-fledged industry that now grows even more technically-intricate by the day!

In the past few years alone, the field of SEO has grown rife with an assortment of different tools, strategies, and approaches. It has become largely responsible for the success of forward-thinking businesses on the web! 

Among all the various tools and tricks that you’ve come across while getting a firm grasp on it, there are two that have drawn the most attention: link-building and blogging outreach.

The role of these tools on modern success

Although they may not seem like much at first, both blogging outreach and link-building are tools responsible for forging today’s ever-expansive SEO industry to achieve critical results.

With these two tools, achieving your business’ desired results—whether its higher keyword ranking, higher amounts of organic traffic, and extensive credibility and domain authority—is entirely possible. These two have become even more prominent in recent years because of how well they cater to the goals of achieving more significant promotion and reach amid evolving user standards.

The main reason these two tools work exceptionally well for achieving better SEO performance is that they tap into the value of trust—which always paves the way for more product and service sales. 

Differentiating these two tools

It may be explicit knowledge that both link-building and blogging outreach are essential for SEO success. However, it’s also critical to know that many business owners and digital marketers still don’t know how to tell them apart. Fortunately, it isn’t too late to become more familiar with them in order to truly maximize their utility.

To help you out, here are some tips on how you can utilize them better:

Link-building, defined—and its effect on SEO

Link-building, to put it simply, is a strategy that involves creating and stockpiling credible backlinks through various means—such as guest posting, features, and the like—so that search engines can rank a page higher.

The main reason this works so well is that search engines see a higher number of credible backlinks as a vote of confidence on the quality of content a page has. Once enough authoritative websites post links to your website that readers use to get back to your site—hence, the word “backlinks”—a search engine’s algorithm will bump your page up the rankings!

An introduction to blogging outreach—and how it helps your SEO

Blogging outreach, on the other hand, is best defined as a tool or strategy used in attaining quality backlinks—which, in essence, makes it a supplementary tool when it comes to link-building.

Although it was initially developed as a way to create more quality backlinks, blogging outreach has deviated into a pivotal role of its own. Bloggers now have influential statuses that allow them to become standalone factors. 

What separates this strategy from the tool mentioned above is that there are more possibilities that it can achieve beyond simply scaling the ranks. For instance, you can contact an influential blogger to feature your website, product, or service in a post that won’t only act as a backlink for your website, but also as a form of influencer marketing to promote your website—hitting two birds with one stone!


Among the different tools that you can play around with when getting a grasp of your website’s SEO potential, no strategy is as potentially impactful as blogging outreach and backlink-building. By taking the time to understand each tool in greater detail, you can act accordingly and make sure that you know the ins and outs well enough to maximize your results!

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