eCommerce has changed the way customers shop, and the internet is seeing a rapid increase in transactions. As one of the fastest rising eCommerce trends, voice search is undoubtedly the hype these days. And as an eCommerce business owner, it’s something you cannot afford to lose out on. Going one step forward and making digital shopping easier are voice-enabled searches that are enormously popular and being used extensively for shopping online. Virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana are a few examples of some great platforms that are exceptionally successful with voice queries. With the help of voice search, you can now order your groceries, call for a taxi, play music, and access any information you need.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is a technology that enables you to search for information, products, services, and other data by speaking to a computer-generated voice.

It is the simplest (and convenient) way you can search for a product or service you want, and with the help of a virtual assistant, the search is done faster, better, and more accessible.

How does Voice Search change eCommerce?

1. Fast and easy search

Like what was said previously, searching for products or brands is easier with speech than typing. Moreover, you can do your product searching while doing another activity, in other words, multitasking. For example, you can clean your house while buying groceries through the voice assistant on your smartphone.

2. Brand visibility will fade away

In the past, searching for products has been done primarily through brand names. However, in the near future, voice search will put a brand’s name at the bottom. Instead, people will search for products based on a specific function or purpose.

3. More traffic on the right keywords

Since voice search is highly dependent on the keywords or phrases people use, optimizing the right keywords will be very critical in the near future. For example, if you already plan to start an eCommerce business and want to get more traffic to your website, you can begin by optimizing it on the attention keywords.

4. More mobile traffic

Voice search is most effective on mobile devices, so it’s no surprise that mobile traffic will also increase as the technology grows and is used more frequently.

5. More conversions

As voice search results are tailored to consumers’ queries, it makes shopping more accessible and more personalized. As it can be used to compare or get more information about several alternatives, voice search will also help you discover products you might not know about before.

Optimizing For Voice Search Success

At its heart, optimizing for voice search is akin to traditional SEO but with a more specialized focus.

1. Recognize Your Customer and Device Behavior

Marketers must go further into knowing the consumer and their behavior, much as voice search engines employ data, location, and many data points to comprehend search context.

Real-time data and consumer insights research can assist in identifying how various individuals use voice search and what sort of speech-enabled device they use.

2. Focus on Conversational Keywords

Since voice search is primarily a conversational experience, marketers should consider adding new words while refreshing those keyword phrases that are already on your site.

3. Perfect Your Product Offerings

Because voice search is more conversational, you should think about optimizing your products and services, much as you would with a blog.

4. Focus on Persona-Focused Content

Remember that we’re not just looking for a product or service, but rather an experience. In these scenarios, marketers must perfect the customer journey from the moment they get on your website to when they buy.

5. Match Content to the Experience

Just because your customers can’t see you doesn’t mean you can’t provide the same visual cues. You can use video, brand imagery, and even descriptive content to inform the voice query experience.


With the help of voice search, it’s easier for consumers to shop, and eCommerce businesses can reach out to a larger market. And because of its convenience and effectiveness, voice search is one of the eCommerce trends you must seize this year.

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